Brianna Campos

Legal Assistant

A recent 2021 UC San Diego graduate majoring in political science and public law, Brianna Campos’ legal career got its start in 2017 working on congressional campaigns.

In 2019 she began interning for JusticeCorps at the South County Courthouse in Chula Vista, assisting self-representing litigants in a pro-bono legal aid clinic under attorney supervision.

Conducting one-on-one consultations and aiding people with long legal forms and composing declarations for their cases gave her the experience Brotman Law wanted as its client intake concierge. She began working for us in March 2021. In October 2021, she gracefully took on the role of  legal assistant.

Campos, interested in diverse fields of law including tax law, plans to grow her legal experience and eventually get her JD.

When asked what motivated her to become involved in the legal field, she said “I think people have a negative perception of lawyers, and I’d like to help change that. I’d like to make my voice heard and see more women in the field. Attorneys can assist people and improve their quality of life.”

Campos has found that people in need of legal aid often don’t know where to start, and she enjoys connecting them to the right people. “Sometimes they feel ashamed or embarrassed and I let them know that many people have tax problems, and we are not here to pass judgement. I try to calm their nerves and be someone that they feel at ease talking to.” 

When Campos is not assisting legal staff at the office, she enjoys going to farmer’s markets on weekends where she collects more plants to add to her apartment greenhouse. Reading, yoga, and live music are fun for her, and she relishes cooking or baking something delicious to share with her friends and family.




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