Jonah Kinsell


Jonah Kinsell is a first generation graduate. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from San Diego State University and has been working in the tax industry since high school. Growing up in a tax business, he knew that he wanted to pursue a career in the tax route. He also learned that helping with clients' finances was a passion that he wanted to further build upon.

All throughout college and following graduation, Jonah worked for a tax company. After several years, he then decided to shift gears by becoming an accountant at a law firm. This new role presented new challenges and opportunities for career growth, which is why joining the firm was one of Jonah's goals for 2022. He knew that the experience working for an established tax law firm would provide chances to learn that he could not get elsewhere. Jonah has been a natural fit for Brotman Law thanks to his prior experience as a tax preparer, which meant he was already familiar with the law and tax codes prior to starting at the firm. 

When Jonah heard about the Employee Retention Tax Credit, he became determined to help clients with their finances and maximize their opportunity to get a refund. Here at Brotman Law, Jonah is in charge of processing the ERC credits for all companies the firm files on behalf of. 

Jonah’s goals are to help even larger companies get their Employee Retention Tax Credit and to grow the processing side of the ERC Department. Looking toward the future, he sees himself continuing to work in tax preparation and helping clients in need. 

In his free time, Jonah is a competitive body builder. He also enjoys scuba-diving and spear fishing.


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