Criminal Tax Defense

When tax matters turn criminal or have the potential to turn criminal, you need to take the appropriate precautions to minimize or eliminate the damage. The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the IRS works with startling efficiency in investigating and pursuing taxpayers who commit federal tax crimes.

Here are the cold hard facts

  • The IRS Criminal Investigation Division has almost as many agents as investigations.
  • That means they may have someone to personally devote to your criminal investigation.
  • Out of 1,666 criminal investigations recommended for indictment in the fiscal year 2015, 1,664 were sentenced. That is a nearly 100% percent conviction rate.[i]
  • My point: when the IRS Criminal Investigations Division sets its sights on someone, it usually gets its man.

This does not mean the situation is hopeless

Of CID investigations initiated in 2015, almost 25% did not get recommended for prosecution.[ii] This means that you must work quickly and precisely to keep criminal matters from turning the corner.

Criminal representation or potential criminal representation means several things. It means:

  • Assessing the situation quickly with a complete review of the facts.
  • Quick contact with the IRS, either the Criminal Investigation Division directly or the IRS civil investigator who may try to turn the case criminal.
  • You must interview the agent in charge of the investigation, find out what they know, where they are headed, and work to steer the matter quickly in a positive direction.

The operative word when dealing with criminal matters is speed: working efficiently and diligently to keep the matter civil.

Keep in mind that no matter what the civil consequences are, any resolution is better than prison time.

Brotman Law has a great track record of working through all phases of IRS criminal investigations at the:

  • Civil level
  • Criminal Investigation Division level
  • Department of Justice Tax level (recommendations for prosecution)
  • Assistant United States Attorney level (prosecution)

Many past potential criminal matters were resolved prior to any criminal charges being filed and with as little inconvenience to the client as possible.

Sam Brotman has a reputation for being a tough, steadfast advocate on the part of his clients and has an excellent working relationship with many federal and state government representatives.

Criminal tax defense that is second to none

Whether you choose to hire us or someone else, we strongly encourage you to speak with an attorney immediately if you have done something criminal, think that you are being investigated, or have the potential to be investigated by the IRS.

The earlier you assess the situation and work quickly to resolve the matter, the less the damage can be.

Please contact us for further assistance or to get a free and completely confidential assessment of your case.


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