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Brotman Law is dedicated to helping people understand and address their outstanding tax problems. To help with this, Sam has produced numerous videos to explain tax laws, regulations, and how various tax agencies function.

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Our first video series: An Overview of the IRS Tax Collections Process for Non-Tax Lawyers

  1. Introduction
  2. Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?: About the IRS
  3. What Causes a Balance Due
  4. Substitute for Returns (SFR)
  5. Overview of IRS Examination Process: Three Types of Audits
  6. How Tax Returns are Selected for Audit
  7. What Happens When You File a Return with a Balance Due
  8. Automated Collection Systems
  9. More About Automated Collection Systems
  10. Tips for Dealing with Automated Collection Systems Agents
  11. What Happens When the IRS Cannot Collect on a Taxpayer
  12. Revenue Officers
  13. Collection Action a Revenue Officer Can Take
  14. Asset Seizure
  15. How to Resolve IRS Collections Issues
  16. How to Pay the IRS in Full
  17. The 120 Day Extension to Pay
  18. The Statute of Limitations on Collections
  19. The Problems with Running From the IRS
  20. Currently Non-Collectible Status
  21. Installment Agreements
  22. What to Do If Your Installment Agreement Is Rejected
  23. The Offer in Compromise Process: Types of Offers in Compromise
  24. How Offers in Compromise Are Considered
  25. Issues in the Offer in Compromise Process
  26. Taxes and Bankruptcy
  27. IRS Liens
  28. IRS Levies
  29. Interest and Penalty Abatements
  30. Innocent Spouse Relief