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California Payroll Taxes: Everything You Need to Know

The true cost of employees goes far beyond wages. Every new hire comes with tax obligations, and having a strong grasp on payroll taxes is something fundamental to your peace of mind as a business owner and employer. Whether you are a household employer or taking care of a huge team, you need to understand […]

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Income Withholding Order: How to Process an EWOT

Being served with an income withholding order can be a disconcerting experience as an employer. These orders can come from a variety of sources, but they are all legally binding and require careful handling. Understanding how these orders work, what your obligations are regarding them, and how to comply with them is very important. Failing […]

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Dodd-Frank and Credit Rating Agencies

Addressing Credit Rating Agencies Through Enactment of Dodd-Frank The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (“Dodd-Frank Act”) was passed and signed into on July 21, 2010. A small part of this act addressed credit rating agencies and their past practices. The act intends to (1) remove references in statutes and regulations to Nationally […]

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