Going into an IRS audit alone is like approaching a boxing match with your hands tied behind your back. Find a trusted friend in Brotman Law who will guide you every step of the way.




The appeal process can be complex. Working with us can help boost your chances of launching a successful appeal while resolving your tax issues as efficiently as possible.


The IRS has the power to garnish or levy your wages or money from your bank account. Liens may be placed on your car, house, or other valuable assets. We can help you get levies and liens lifted.


While most income tax issues get resolved in appeals, there are instances where the IRS and taxpayer cannot reach an agreement. We handle all kinds of income tax litigation in state and federal courts.

An IRS tax audit can be demanding, intrusive, and nerve-racking, especially if you try to face it alone. The purpose of an audit is to confirm if your tax return was accurately and correctly done, and it does not always imply that you were dishonest or made an error. You deserve fair treatment, and it is important for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) be made to stay within the guideline and boundaries established by income tax law.

What does the IRS look for? 

Generally, IRS tries to identify a discrepancy between your income and what you disclosed to them. To achieve this, their auditors will look for the following:

  • Unreported income
  • Claims for deductions that might be incorrect
  • Missing income records
  • Unfilled tax returns
  • Irregularities in income records

Should you get an unfavorable audit, you will face tax liability, interest, penalties, and maybe even criminal charges. When you work with experienced tax attorneys like us, you will have someone negotiating on your behalf, advising you, and defending you in litigation, if needed.

You don't have to face the IRS alone. You can have experts at Brotman Law fighting on your behalf.

No one sets out filing their individual taxes thinking that they will face an IRS audit. Even for the most cautious, they may still find themselves subjected to an audit one day. A tax attorney can alleviate the stress that comes from an audit and help you get through the process fast.

Having represented more than a hundred clients in income tax audits, we understand the playing field and have a storied track record of success in navigating our clients through them. Our firm not only understands how to achieve victory in the actual audit, but what success looks like in the appeals division and beyond if we have to litigate the matter.

Rather than passively participating in the government’s investigation, or being subject to the whims of an auditor with an agenda — and having to pay more than you might be able to afford — call our firm at the out-set. We can provide a swift analysis of your issues, a robust defense, and a skillful handling of all your audit-related issues.

Our goal is never to prolong a fight on behalf of our clients. We seek to get them through their audits with as little scrutiny as possible. However, when you find yourself in a situation needing that level of representation, you will be glad you relied on an audit defense team as experienced as ours.

Having to go up against the full force and might of the U.S. government alone is not a good idea — they are aggressive about collections. They have a whole range of tools at their disposal and have the ability to enforce the law.

It is a challenging landscape to navigate on your own. The government wants to be paid back first, before you pay for anything else, from your daughter’s college tuition to making donations to a charity you support.

IRS auditors may appear to wield a lot of power, but they are often no match for an attorney with a superior legal knowledge base and a keen understanding of IRS procedure. We utilize our tremendous experience in audits for the benefit of our clients and to yield exceptional results. Our knowledge is your power.


We will aggressively work to defend and protect your interests


Dealing with the IRS can seem scary, but Brotman Law brings strategic insight to the process. We have years of experience helping individuals minimize penalties, avoid criminal prosecution, and refocus audits to their advantage.


With Brotman Law, you won't be dealing with a pencil pusher. We handle each income tax case that comes to us with the attention our clients deserve.


No matter how intricate your income tax audit case becomes, you can rely on attorneys at Brotman Law to resolve it in the best way possible. We have had the privilege of winning countless cases on behalf of our clients. You can also be among our success stories.




When facing an IRS audit, building and executing a strategic defense starts with understanding what issues (if any) need to be addressed. Is the agent simply seeking supporting documentation that you can easily (and safely) provide? Or, is it possible that you have underreported or underpaid what you owe to the U.S. Treasury?

By the end of the meeting, you will have a strategy laid out and a step-by-step game plan for moving through the audit as quickly and cleanly as possible. The benefit of our expertise is delivered to you and is yours to keep without any further obligation to our firm. This is our opportunity to provide value and for you to get the whole experience of working with us.



Our team will work with you to better prepare you for the audit. We call this a "stress test." In our experience, preparation and presentation are the keys to success in any audit. Your pre-audit will use the exact same procedure and method that IRS auditors use for the "real audit." In our many years of handling IRS audits, we have become "pros" in responding to the IRS's playbook.

Both the materials presented in an audit and the presentation associated with those materials are critically important parts of the process. Our goal is to control the scope of the presented information and have the auditor work through things cleanly and efficiently. One of the reasons we value preparation time is that it helps us to anticipate and overcome any objections that would occur during the audit.



Our team analyzes each variable and tailors our presentation to your benefit. Do not worry; there is no need for you to attend the audit meeting or to have any interaction with the auditor. You are in good hands and are well-taken care of. Assuming everything goes smoothly, the audit can resolve itself in a few hours without requiring further documentation. For more complex situations or those with large amounts of documentation, we may need a few meetings to resolve your case.

Should there be a need for an appeal or a strategic reason to undertake one, we have the experience, having handled hundreds of IRS and California appeals across various issues over the years. While we hope for your case to be closed with no change from the original filings (or even a refund), we are well prepared to go the distance no matter what happens during the course of your audit.



Set up a quick call with our firm's concierge to see if we'll be able to help you. The whole process will take 10 minutes or less. If your matter is urgent we will also help to expedite a meeting with Sam.


Next, you will meet with the Firm Owner and Director of Legal, Sam Brotman for your consultation. Any information that you can provide or any documents you would like Sam to review are always helpful, so we can ensure that you get as much value as possible.



Tax law can be complex, confusing, frustrating, and even scary. We're here to help!

What is the most common IRS audit trigger?

Failing to disclose all of your income on your tax return is often a common audit trigger. This is due to the fact that income that goes undisclosed on your tax return definitely goes untaxed. The IRS gets copies of your 1099 and W-2 and will check to see that your disclosed income matches up.

What steps should I take if I get an audit letter from the IRS?

If you have gotten an audit letter from the IRS, you need to consult an income tax attorney. At this point, the audit won't just disappear on its own. If you fail to defend against the audit aggressively, the IRS may seek to collect all back taxes you owe them. You can be penalized and charged interest as well.

Is it possible to deal with IRS on my own in case of an audit?

You have the choice to handle the audit on your own. However, this is not advisable. Among them, the IRS tax code is very complex, and an audit can even look at several years' worth of your returns. An expert IRS audit attorney will be able to carefully evaluate your risk exposure and negotiate with the auditing agency on your behalf.

What are my options if I cannot afford to pay what I owe the IRS?

If you are unable to pay the IRS what you owe them, your practical options are to try to negotiate an offer in compromise or settlement agreement. Each of these options has guidelines and requirements; thus, negotiation calls for help from an experienced IRS audit attorney.

How often can you expect an IRS audit?

The IRS is permitted to audit you an unlimited number of times. It's even possible for the IRS to audit your returns for several years at once. This typically occurs when the IRS audits you and finds a serious inaccuracy. After that, the agency will pick out further returns for scrutiny.


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