Tax Debt Attorney: Our IRS Tax Settlement Attorneys Can Help

The IRS audits the tax returns of business owners and individuals with questionable findings or red flags. Although some taxpayers can duck under the wire, those who receive an audit notice are usually filled with some anxiety. If this sounds like you, an IRS tax debt attorney can help.

The legal team at Brotman Law is experienced and knowledgable in tax law and can provide tax audit representation and quickly resolve your issues with the Internal Revenue Service.

Drastically reducing outstanding tax balances or eradicating debts with the IRS is hard to do alone. Hiring a tax attorney will increase your chance of settling your tax audit successfully with much less financial duress.

Why you can trust in our IRS tax debt attorney services

When someone (maybe you) feels the pressure of the IRS, the first thing that needs to be addressed is finding an attorney. Brotman Law is a tax firm founded on doing business with individuals and business owners to help them achieve professional, personal and financial goals. Our law firm became the 14th fastest-growing law firm in the United States in 2018.

We advocate tirelessly for our clients because they inspire us and we admire them as people. We hope that our core values and successful legal cases with the hundreds of clients who have had tax issues will not only gain your trust, but convince you to retain our services should you find yourself in a bind with any federal or state taxing authorities.

How we work with clients

Many taxpayers ask, can you buy a house if you owe taxes, or want to know how to pay off IRS debt fast. Here at Brotman Law, we work with clients by providing a 60-minute consultation to determine the best strategies for tax debt relief and to answer all questions. We call this a “tax action plan.” This is where we analyze the issue and and discuss how to best deal with it.

  • Initial Strategy Session

    Our 60-minute client consultation determines personal, professional, and financial goals and the best strategies to adopt to meet them. We practice a holistic approach combined with our legal experience in every situation as solutions to tax problems are as unique as the people who have them.

  • The Analysis

    This stage is the marriage of information obtained from the government and clients. Our tax debt relief attorneys combine this information to see the full scope of the situation and outline attack methods with solutions.

    Our legal team can tactically refine and define plans to maximize our results and minimize surprises in the analysis stage. After outlining all the potential solutions, we offer recommendations to clients before meeting an IRS audit attorney for execution.

  • Execution

    We discuss the pros and cons of each solution with clients before execution. Our tax debt relief attorneys do not make decisions for people but provide necessary information with solutions and let clients make the best choice. Our debt lawyers make every effort to reduce outstanding tax balances or eradicate your debts drastically. We are tenacious in our pursuit and execute strategies to resolve your tax controversy without unnecessary disruptions.

Our Values

We believe you can achieve great things when freed from the burdens of your tax problems. Our clients inspire us, we admire them as people, and that is why we advocate tirelessly on their behalf. Our firm’s model revolves around delivering as much value as possible for each and every case we litigate.

  • Fight for Our Clients

    Our tax debt relief attorneys fight and protect you no matter the odds. Tax settlement issues require strategy, skills, and the tenacity to get the job done. Our attorneys understand IRS problems and case management and know that being bold can often yield great success.

  • Meet People Where They Are

    Brotman law came into existence to do business with people and provide resolutions to tax issues. Our knowledgeable and experienced tax debt relief attorneys treat people with compassion, empathy, and respect. We want to meet you where you are and help you to overcome your feelings of financial insecurity as well as any fears you may have about your tax audit.

  • Be a Grown-Up

    At Brotman Law, we do our jobs and follow the chain of command. We take time to connect with our clients and give them the thoughtful attention that they deserve. As a team we deliver on all our commitments to our clients and to ourselves. It’s part of our culture to take 100% responsibility for our actions in each and every case matter.

Past experiences and successes

Brotman Law will protect you no matter how impossible or extraordinary the odds are. Our clients describe our services as “top-notch,“ our lawyers as “unselfish“ and ”humanitarian.“ Clients have also given testimony that Brotman law is the go-to firm for any complicated federal tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service. In 2017 one client with tax issues we successfully defended referred to us as the “Big Iron of Tax.”

We offer excellent customer service with a deep knowledge of tax law. Our clients sing our praises when they reap the benefit from our vast wealth of taxation expertise, and we continue to deliver value.

In February 2020, one client told us that finding our firm was like “finding the needle in a haystack,” after experiencing positive results with their IRS case. Since then, our law firm has grown in number and we have fought and won many more tax debt cases with the IRS.

Now that you’ve heard some testimony about why you can trust our services, be confident that our tax settlement attorneys can resolve your issues with the IRS. No matter how much the commission out weighs you, our tax debt relief attorneys can help. Trust that we have extensive legal experience in appeals negotiation, offer in compromise, innocent spouse relief, and know when the decision to head to tax court is a good one.

Consult with an experienced IRS debt attorney today

Retain a tax debt relief attorney at Brotman Law if you need a professional with experience in negotiating tax debt resolutions with the IRS. Time is money! Rather than dragging things out and continuing to procrastinate, make the decision to consult with someone at the firm today. We offer 60-minute strategy sessions to discuss your issues and contact the government for additional information before executing the right tax strategy for your case.

How our IRS debt lawyers can help you

Getting a quality lawyer for IRS tax problems challenges many taxpayers, but Brotman law is in the business to help you. Our IRS debt lawyers can help you in a criminal investigation, tax levies, fraud, and penalty fees from the IRS. An IRS tax relief attorney can represent you in a tax court to negotiate your debt. There are many different ways the attorneys at Brotman law can help you, and we will discuss a few below:

Wide-Range of Knowledge

Our debt relief attorney's wide range of knowledge can help you navigate different tax law sections. If you have back taxes or outstanding tax balances issues with the IRS, Brotman law can offer a solution. With effective success strategies, Brotman law debt attorneys can litigate tax law areas like an offer in compromise, income tax audits, IRS tax debt resolution, divorce, multi-state and international tax issues.

Criminal Investigation

Back taxes can lead to tax fraud and criminal investigations, making a licensed attorney's help necessary. Many taxpayers don't even know about the investigations until the commission charges them with a crime. If this describes your situation, consult with a Brotman Law IRS tax debt attorney who can assist with any IRS criminal investigation.

Tax Levies

Unpaid IRS debts worry many taxpayers, especially with the intensive nature of revenue agents. The commission has authority over tax collections and can go after your bank accounts if deemed necessary. IRS agents can also go after your real estate, cars, and assets, as well as impose wage garnishment.

The legal professionals at Brotman Law can limit damages from a tax levy and can find a sustainable payment plan for your financial situation.

Tax Penalties

Taxpayers attract fines and penalties from the IRS, especially for back taxes or outstanding tax balances. Brotman law tax debt lawyers can help you get a waiver. These experienced professionals understand tax laws and codes and can significantly reduce or waive your tax penalties.

Tax Fraud

Unlike your CPA, when you consult a with a tax attorney, your conversations remain entirely confidential. Most taxpayers who commit tax fraud use false credits and deductions or fail to declare an income. You need to discuss the details candidly with Brotman law debt attorneys. With experience handling many kinds of tax fraud cases with the IRS, our debt relief attorneys offer both compassion and discretion.

Representation at Tax Court

Quality representation is essential for success in tax courts. Brotman law debt lawyers have licenses to appear in court, attend legal proceedings, and engage in meetings to find tax solutions with IRS officials.

If you want the best possible resolution to your outstanding tax balances with the IRS, Brotman Law can find one. They will give you peace of mind during legal proceedings while focusing on what’s in your best interests.


Negotiating outstanding tax balances, penalties, and fees is the best way to reduce tax debt. Consider Brotman Law if you need skilled negotiators who can find and adopt different strategies to reduce your debt.

Tax relief attorneys can negotiate a sustainable payment plan to ease your burden. Our debt relief attorneys can engage IRS agents to negotiate an installment agreement on your behalf.

Questions to ask any tax settlement attorney

Before deciding to hire an IRS settlement attorney to help defend you against the IRS, consider asking several relevant questions. These questions will help you to decide if a tax settlement attorney is your best choice. IRS tax settlement attorneys differ as some handle the legal aspects of taxation while others manage the financial implications of tax matters.

Settlement decisions with the IRS often depend on the origin of your problems. Select a tax settlement attorney that can provide answers to specific questions relevant to your case. While retaining the services of a tax attorney is probably your best chance of success against the IRS, asking them the right questions will aid and narrow your selection.

  • Do you have experience dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and experience in tax laws?

  • Do you charge fees before starting the settlement process?

  • How many debt settlement clients do you have?

  • Are you an accredited member of the better business bureau?

  • Who will work with me on settling my tax settlement case with the Internal Revenue Service?

  • How long have you been in the debt settlement business with the Internal Revenue Service?

  • How many debt settlement cases have you resolved, and can I issue a disclaimer?

  • What can you do for me, and how do I know you're telling the truth?

  • Can you find a quick resolution to my debt case with the Internal Revenue Service?

  • How much credit card debt have you resolved with the Internal Revenue Service?

  • Will finding a tax settlement resolution with the Internal Revenue Service have adverse effects?

  • Will the tax settlement process adversely affect my credit report?

  • Can you tell me how long the tax settlement process will take with the Internal Revenue Service and how much it costs?

  • Are there tax consequences from the settlement process that I should know?

  • What other options can I explore apart from tax settlement with the Internal Revenue Service?

  • How does tax debt settlement compare to my other options?

  • What is my financial range for settling with the Internal Revenue Service?

  • Are there any settlement fees with the IRS agents?

  • How long will I get to repay my tax debt to the Internal Revenue Service?

Brotman Law tax relief attorneys are knowledgeable, experienced, qualified, and will provide answers to all of these questions and more if you have them.

We offer a free consultation in many cases and our tax relief attorneys have the qualifications and experience to represent your case in any tax court in California and across the U.S.

Contact an expert IRS settlement attorney today

Finding a quick resolution to outstanding tax balances with the Internal Revenue Service challenges many taxpayers. Brotman Law tax settlement attorneys represent clients at every stage of the proceedings. You’ll worry far less about problems with the IRS if you have retained the aid of the legal team at Brotman law.

With nearly ten years in the business, you can trust the professionals at Brotman Law to ensure confidentiality and protect your interests during all consultations and legal negotiations.