Our History

Our History

How it all began

Brotman Law was founded in 2013 after Sam’s several years in private practice and completing his business school education. The firm was created as a result of several of his deep and personally held beliefs about lawyers and the nature of the practice of law. Through his personal experiences, discussions with his colleagues, and his education, Sam discovered that there are several inefficiencies with the way law firms are traditionally run. These inefficiencies, over time, tend to lead to a drop off in the ability of lawyers to serve their clients, produce results that do not actually meet the client’s goals, lowers job satisfaction among attorneys, and higher rates of burnout in the legal profession. These things take away from why people go to law school in the first place: to help people achieve their goals through legal solutions and dilute why we do what we do.

By borrowing from several of the more successful law firm models and disruptors across a variety of industries, Sam has tried to build a different kind of law firm. By scaling back and dedicating more resources to fewer clients, Brotman Law tries to go beyond what most law firms do and is less about solving problems than building a foundation that helps clients meet their personal, professional, and financial goals. Tax problems are a part of the equation, often a significant one, but the firm works to protect the prosperity of its clients and to secure their financial future.

Our own goals as an organization are as follows:

1. To provide unparalleled personal client service by utilizing technology, actively limiting firm capacity, and working to achieve goals instead of just solving problems.

2. To run a responsible, honest, and ethical business, which driven by metrics, analytics, and lean business principles. To actively work to reduce firm overhead in order to continually provide cost effective representation to our clients. To bill clients only for legal work and not administrative time, which is viewed as a cost of the firm.

3. To provide access to quality tax representation for people across California, clients outside of California who need representation in California, and for federal clients in all fifty states. Because tax law is specialized, we recognize the limited access to quality representation in a number of geographic areas.

4. To provide a firm environment that serves as a model for staff quality of life. A place where people enjoy coming to work everyday, minimizing burnout, and to provide a culture to help our employees meet their own goals.

Although fairly new, the firm has already built a tremendous track record of success for its clients in complex, unique, and high dollar cases. We have garnered praise from the San Diego legal community and from high levels in the federal and state tax agencies. Most importantly, we have helped hundreds of clients fulfill their goals and resolve their tax issues fully and completely. We are proud of the fact that we have many friends and few repeat clients. They are truly the reason why we do what we do.

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Sam entered the practice of law and became a tax attorney because of his desire to help people achieve their goals. He is a skilled negotiator, a tax procedure nerd, a sharp business person, a respected leader, and keen on delivering results for his clients.

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