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How Pricing Works at Brotman Law

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At Brotman Law, we understand that the cost of legal representation is an area of concern for many clients. One of the common complaints about lawyers is their clients often feel they are throwing an unspecified amount of money at a problem that seems to be never-ending.

We measure ourselves on being cost-effective and efficient on behalf of our clients, but we are equally proud of not sacrificing the quality of your representation or cutting corners. Our team performs the work you need to get the job done and deliver value to you, no more and no less.

It is the policy of our firm that we do not take on a matter unless we are confident that we can deliver value well in excess of the cost.

Pricing for Tax Defense and Compliance Legal Representation

If you are holding back on seeking legal representation because you fear legal costs will be too high, we would like to reassure you that it is quite possible our initial consultation and strategy session may address your needs at a relatively low cost.

The whole goal of our strategy sessions is to provide you with a complete blueprint for resolving your matter and for you to walk away from our meeting with a total plan for its resolution, whether or not you elect to retain our firm to implement that plan. However, in many situations, clients will walk away with those meetings without any need for futher services. We really enjoy when that happens because it means that we have maximized our value.

We understand that our business clients want to have a fixed budget for their legal objectives so that they can weigh their costs and benefits. However, we have found that in the practice of law, there are any number of factors that can alter costs or that can add on to the time that we bill for. In our experience, the factors that can drive prices up, beyond anticipated costs usually boil down to three main areas: decisions, documents, and bureaucracy.

Decisions: There is nothing wrong with spending extra time on an important issue, but it does tend to drive cost in certain matters.

Documents: Fewer documents and/or better organization allows our team to be more efficient in resolving your issue.

Bureaucracy: As good as our team is in moving things through the system, occasionally we run into a difficult or “detail-oriented” agent who drives the cost up in the course of their investigations. We have ways to mitigate it, but we cannot eliminate it.

While we do not market ourselves as a “low cost” law firm — we are more than happy to work with any client who has cash flow challenges and can outline alternatives to our full legal representation to accommodate those with financial limitations. We obviously have our own obligations as a firm, but want to be as helpful as possible in assisting people who are dealing with a difficult decision.

Above all, we want to help you make the right choice about who should represent you without cost affecting this important decision.


Our Billing Philosophy

  • 01 Overall Estimate
  • 02 Step-By Step Estimate
  • 03 Manage Costs
  • 04 Fair Billing
  • 05 No-Fluff Billing
  • 06 100% Satisfaction

To provide you, in your strategy session and based on your individual circumstances, the best estimate of what we think your total out-of-pocket cost may be for our representation.

However, we ask that you please do not hold us to that, until we are aware of all the facts and circumstances surrounding your matter and have a chance to make contact with the government (where appropriate).

To provide you at the start of each component of your case with an estimate for each piece of our strategy, breaking it down into its component pieces.

To stay on track, at every step of the way, we have a short meeting with you before the start of each phase to go over what we will be doing, why it is important, the approximate amount of time needed to complete that piece, factors that may alter that time estimate, and how much it is going to cost. At each point in this process, we will come to agreement and your approval in order to move forward.

To provide you with the highest level of representation or taxpayer defense while also managing the overall cost.

To accomplish this, we assign projects to the team member who can appropriately fulfill those tasks, at the lowest level we can bill. We have an experienced team of attorneys, associate attorneys, paralegals and support staff who can contribute the correct level of expertise without overpowering the costs.

To ensure that what we bill is fair to you.

When we look at the overall cost, we are not only looking at what our team can take on, but also what resources, both internal and external, that you have at your disposal to keep overall costs down.

To bill only for calls and projects that are substantive in nature.

We do not charge for factual questions that our staff can address easily. We do not bill for fluff.

To make sure that you get 100% satisfaction.

Our goal is to make sure that you get 100% satisfaction from the end result of what you are trying to achieve without cutting corners or sacrificing the quality of that result. 

Billing Rates

We make every attempt to bill at the lowest rate possible for each task on a project because we understand your need to fix and define costs. By doing so, we are able to offer a system that is fair and transparent in respect to price.

We do this for two reasons:

1. To keep you involved in, and in control of, your matter and to give you input into the cost structure of your matter at all times. We are not a blank check.

2. To provide an internal guidepoint to ensure that our team is aware of cost concerns and doing the best we can to mitigate them.

Our billing rates range from $150 – $525 an hour. Our support staff ranges from $75 to $225 an hour while our attorneys average between $350 and $525 an hour. Although we will discount billing as appropriate or in fairness to our clients, we do not offer discounts or otherwise price discriminate between client matters.

Below are the rates clients can expect for the specific representation they require:

  • Income Tax Audits
  • Sales Tax Audits
  • Payroll Tax Audits
  • IRS Tax Debt Resolution
  • California Tax Debt Resolution
  • Criminal Tax
  • Multi-State Tax Issues
  • International Tax Issues
  • Tax Optimization
  • Divorce & Taxes
  • Business/Real Estate/Transactional Tax

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