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Why Hourly Billing is Bad - You Pay for Every Minute


Hourly billing causes lots of problems for law firm clients, which is why we created a better way of doing things:


  • You are always on the meter. Every phone call, every email, and every minute is on the clock.
  • When you sign an hourly retainer agreement, you are writing a blank check. There are no caps on hourly billing and no way to realistically budget. 

  • You pay high/inflated hourly rates for junior level staff and sometimes astronomical rates for partner level attorneys. Think about $250-300 or more for a 15 minute phone call. 

  • You lose control over your costs. If things go wrong or if projects spiral out of control on your matter, you end up paying for it. No matter what the cost, you are on the hook. 

  • Hourly billing has natural conflicts of interests between the attorneys, who have internal billable hours requirements, and efficiency/great results for their clients. Attorneys are compensated based on how much time they spend on their cases and clients have a natural hesitancy to involve their attorneys for fear of getting billed.

  • There is no connection between value delivered and cost in an hourly billing arrangement. Everyone loses.


Monthly Flat Fees - You Win, We Win, and Everyone Wins

Think about it. You pay for lots of things on a monthly basis: rent/mortgage, car payments, why not the help that you need in the same manner that the rest of the world works? Our flat-fee model is easy, transparent, and creates a system where you and us are equally aligned to win:


  • Pay for Expertise and Results, Not How Much Time it Takes to Get There. 
  • Whatever the Fight, Whatever It Takes, No Matter What: Our flat fees cover everything that happens in your matter, no matter what happens or how aggressive the government gets. You should not get kicked when you are down or when things get tough. 
  • Predictability: You pay the same monthly rate, every month, regardless of how many hours need to be invested in your case. The work that needs to get done, as good as it can be done, gets done without you having to worry about paying more for the best representation.
  • Transparency: Everything follows a clear step-by-step process that you can easily understand and plan for. We eat the apple one bite at a time.

  • Total Control: Our arrangements are month to month. Pay as you go and, if you decide to cancel anytime for whatever reason, there are no questions asked.
  • Results, Efficiency, and Maximum Value: Our team are not bound by billable hours. Our model revolves around delivering as much value as possible for our clients. You get the full braintrust of our law firm without having to worry what it costs and we focus on providing as much as we can for our clients. That's why we became lawyers and that's how the practice of law should be.   


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