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Recent Cases

Some Highlights of Our Practice


– Authored an implemented several complex tax compliance plans, including one involving fifteen separate branches and spanning four states.

– Represented a corporate client in a sales tax audit and saved them more than six million dollars off of their original assessment.

– Earned a client over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in net operating loss deductions during an IRS audit, which offset all tax liability for a five year period.

– Undefeated personal record for IRS, FTB, EDD, and SBOE Offer in Compromises with over two million saved for clients in taxes.

– Negotiated several high dollar installment agreements and have prevented multiple client business shutdowns, primary residence seizures, and other asset seizures.

– Served as tax counsel and preparer for my many individual clients and their families. Have stopped hundreds of levies, settled or wiped out millions in taxes owed, and negotiated favorable and manageable resolutions for past and current clients.


– Served as corporate counsel for several multi-million dollar corporations located in Southern California and across the Southern United States.

– Lead counsel on numerous corporate/individual transactions totaling in the millions of dollars.

– Oversaw day-to-day legal operations and compliance issues for my prior firm’s largest client with thirteen stores, nine hundred employees, and tens of millions in yearly annual revenue.

– Handled several large commercial debt workouts; saved his clients millions of dollars in debt repayments and penalties.

– Involved in regulatory issues with all facets of federal, state, and local government agencies. Lead counsel for direct negotiations with the San Diego Mayor’s Office on a high profile community issue in Southeast San Diego.