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California Income Tax – Franchise Tax Board

The Franchise Tax Board can be extremely difficult to deal with from a taxpayer standpoint whether through the examination division (audits) or through the collection division. Taxpayers become easily frustrated by California income tax procedures and the level of service received from the Franchise Tax Board. In addition, California has never been viewed as a particularly taxpayer friendly state. Tax procedures are geared to benefit the state and assist it in the collection of revenue. Additionally, California revenue officers and members of their Complex Account Recovery Team (CART) are known to take difficult stances with taxpayers during collection matters.


Unlike many tax firms, Brotman Law focuses on California state tax resolution specifically and navigates our clients through the most difficult of state tax issues. Neutralizing immediate threats, whether in an audit or during the collections process, is especially important because of the tendency of the Franchise Tax Board to take aggressive action when left unchecked. After the danger has passed, we work with the different levels of the Franchise Tax Board (often who do not communicate with each other) to put a resolution in place that best meets your goals. Our familiarity with the Franchise Tax Board helps us implement expedient resolutions to most California income tax problems.

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