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California Payroll Tax – Employment Development Department

The Employment Development Department is the largest tax agency in California. Although it handles a variety of functions (the Employment Development Department has roughly ten thousand employees and a annual budget of roughly twelve million dollars), one of its primary functions is the administration and collections of payroll tax for the approximately seventeen million workers in California. As with the IRS, failure by employers to make payroll tax deposits is perceived to be a huge problem for California and, as a result, the Employment Development Department can take far-reaching and severe actions against businesses that do not meet their obligations.


Brotman Law recognizes the seriousness of the business being involved in a tax dispute with or being investigated by the Employment Development Department. EDD agents are among the biggest threats to California businesses because of the approach they take toward collecting revenue for the state, often to the detriment of the taxpayer. It is important to walk into any dealing with the Employment Development Department with a strategy to achieve the goals and minimize any potential damage that an agent can cause. We use our “business first” approach to solving problems to neutralize risk and protect the ability of your business to earn and generate income.

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