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California Sales Tax – Board of Equalization

In our professional experience, the Board of Equalization is the most aggressive and difficult agency to deal with in California. In audits, sales tax auditors use a myriad of complicated tricks and auditing techniques to trap taxpayers and increase their liabilities to the state of California. Unlike income tax audits, the Board’s calculations for determining unreported sales rely heavily on methods that are heavily variable. On the collections side, Board revenue personnel utilize extremely burdensome collection methods which can stifle a taxpayer’s business. Even more frightening is that Board personnel can and will shut down a taxpayer’s business entirely for unpaid sales tax liability.

Brotman Law takes the fight to the Board of Equalization. We utilize innovative and sound techniques to defeat liability and to make dealing with the Board as easy as possible. In audits, unlike many attorneys, we are skilled in statistically methods and models and use our advanced knowledge of statistics to defeat the Board procedures for assessing liability. Our proven methods have saved our clients millions in liability. In dealing with collections, we shield business and personal assets from collection officers and work to produce resolutions that mitigate even the toughest of collection agents.

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