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California Tax Defense & Tax Issues

California is notoriously aggressive when it comes to tax audits and collections.

The state’s laws are designed to facilitate collections and give the state an advantage in making tax assessments and collecting money from those assessments; they are not designed to make things easy or fair on the taxpayer.

Coupled with a lack of understanding and resources, it’s nearly impossible for taxpayers to resolve California tax issues without losing a significant amount of money in the process.

Brotman Law brings years of seasoned expertise in high-dollar and high-stakes collection issues to shield your assets and income. Whether we reinitiate the fight with the examination division (through a re-audit) or engage directly with large dollar collections and/or Complex Account Recovery (CART), you can rest assured that we will provide you with the strongest possible defense.

Still not convinced that Brotman Law is right for your California tax issues? We can help you in the following areas:

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  • Why your CEO/CFO/Controller/Bookkeeper is often a worse choice to handle your California Tax Issue
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  • Our California Tax Defense Practice

Our California Tax Defense Practice:

Tax administration at the state level and the resolution of tax issues is such a different animal than it is at the federal level. There are lots of tax attorneys and tax firms that focus on federal issues only and will not tackle state issues, and we think you can see why now. There is just so much difficulty in dealing with California and so many nuances that you cannot just look up in the case law. Because the system is looser and there is a fluidity to dealing with them, your defense on these matters must be just as fluid.

The chief reason our firm has had so much success with resolving tax issues with the state of California — we understand that success with them has less to do with the law than in understanding how it will be enforced.

In spite of all the challenges and extra levels of complexity that you have with the state, the same things that make them difficulties for us also handicap them in certain respects.

There are gaps in how tax laws are written, how they are supposed to be administered, and how they are really enforced. In addition, California has jurisdictional restrictions on their enforcement action and several other things that can give a taxpayer a competitive advantage when you are dealing with them.

Additionally, the relationships are stronger at the state level with our firm than at the federal level. Small numbers of agents mean that we get more interaction with them, their supervisors and their district heads. Often, we may have multiple cases with one audit group or collections unit going on simultaneously.

Other times, even with a new agent, we have familiarity with the supervisor, with other agents in their group, or normally with the people heading the office or overseeing it in Sacramento. The frequency of cases that we handle and our familiarity with these same groups have made the difference in several instances.