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IRS Audits

Receiving an audit notice in the mail or being contacted by an IRS Revenue Agent is a scary experience for many taxpayers. Audits are intrusive, time consuming, and often designed to maximize the revenue that the government receives. The IRS audits those that it feels there is the biggest chance for an adjustment in their favor and can cost a taxpayer thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result. Additionally, some revenue agents will take advantage of taxpayers and use their superior knowledge of the tax code to trap you and/or open up multiple years.




Brotman Law immediately levels the playing field in an audit. During the initial consultation, we examine the return under audit along with any correspondence received and immediately work to come up with a game plan for effectively dealing with the auditor. We identify categories or items that may be high risk and develop a strategy with our clients for minimizing their biggest issues and moving them out of examination as quickly as possible. Preparation and presentation are the keys to success in any audit. IRS auditors may appear to wield a lot of power, but they are often no match for an attorney with a superior legal knowledge base and a keen understanding of IRS procedure. We utilize our tremendous experience in audits for the benefit of our clients and to yield exceptional results.

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