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Business and Real Estate Matters

As a benefit to our clients, we provide assistance in dealing with a variety of business and real estate matters including business sales and purchases, lease disputes, lease negotiations, corporate document drafting, corporate governance, entity formation, and other business and real estate issues. Mr. Brotman was a wide range of experience in dealing with these issues both as an attorney and as a business owner. We bring a practical approach to these types of issues and realize that ultimately legal decisions are business decisions. We believe strongly in the cost benefit rule and work to provide solutions that make sense from a business standpoint as well as from a legal and tax perspective.



As former corporate counsel for two major Southern California corporations, Mr. Brotman excels at quarterbacking and providing legal leadership for companies and businesses, who may not have the benefit of in house general counsel. His wide range of experience has been valuable at many levels and why our firm excels at working with small and mid-size businesses. We work on creating value for our clients with all the legal solutions that we implement with the chief objective in mind of making them become more profitable, minimizing their risk, or reducing the cost of legal services in the future. We realize that many business owners do not have a “legal expense” category on their profit and loss statement. That is why we serve as a guide post for them in all growth cycles and phases of their business.

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