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Payroll Tax Matters – Corporate Collections

Whether at the IRS or the state level, corporate collection issues are often the most challenging and most difficult matters to resolve. Both entities take a very aggressive approach toward corporate collections and often times will jeopardize the health of the business by being overly aggressive. Even though it seems counterintuitive, the “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs” strategy is often the one that collection agents employ by levying business operating accounts and accounts receivable. Often times, they will show no remorse toward your business or your ability to generate a living and provide for you and your employees.


One of the hallmarks of our practice has been in defending businesses against the wrath of the federal and state governments. It takes a business owner to know a business owner and Brotman Law takes a “business first” approach to solving tax problems. Recognizing that businesses are unique, we understand that the goal is not just to protect the business assets, but also to preserve cash flow and not let the tax authorities inhibit growth. We deal with any and all immediate threats to the business and then work to put together a plan that leads to long term business success as well as that will satisfy the taxing agencies.

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