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Penalty and Interest Abatements

If you have ever owed a balance to the IRS and received a statement from them reflecting the total that is owed, you know exactly how much that penalties and interest can add to that liability. Many of our clients are perfectly agreeable to paying the tax that is owed; however, penalties and interest associated with the account can often double or triple that liability. The IRS does not differentiate between the balance that is owed for tax and the balance owed for interest and penalties. It will take the same collection actions to make sure that the total liability is paid in full regardless of the taxpayer’s circumstances.


Brotman Law has had a great track record of success in getting interest and penalties abated through the Penalty Appeals Service Coordinator and through the IRS Office of Appeals. We understand the finer legal points and other criteria that go into the IRS’s determination on whether or not to abate penalties and interest and craft abatements that hit on several of these major issues. Our background the case law as well the more recent court decisions and our knowledge of internal procedure allow us to go much further on the issues presented and we are often successful at getting abatements accomplished on the first attempt.

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