Brotman Law Testimonials


Our Clients, In Their Own Words

Client 1

“I’ve employed Mr. Brotman as my business and tax attorney since friends suggested I ask for his help with my initial incorporation in 2009. Thanks to his involvement, I never have to worry about filing deadlines or completion of paperwork. His email reminders and simple instructions have enabled me to provide him with the information he needs to consistently attend to my tax matters with confidence. It was not until a few months ago, however, that he really proved his worth. I had returned from an extended holiday to learn that the IRS had placed a $5000 levy on my account. When I spoke with Sam he calmly assured me that it would all be ok. By that afternoon, he had the funds released in my account! I couldn’t run my business without knowing he’s in my corner.”

Client 2

“Has done our taxes for 3 years and saved us thousands. Best tax lawyer that has prepared complicated tax filings.”

Client 3

“Sam lifted the stress of dealing with the IRS right off of the shoulders of my husband and me. He is very knowledgeable, but not afraid to let us know when he has to research a matter and get back to us. Sam is young, but already showing the San Diego tax law community that he is the careful lawyer clients want. He always gets back to us quickly, and when things dragged on with the IRS, Sam always kept us apprised of his progress. He seeks quick results, and lets us know what is reasonable to expect. Sam manages our time and his time very well. We respect Sam and his opinion about when to make an issue with the IRS, and which situations are simply worth letting go. Best, Sam does what he does at a very reasonable rate. He keeps his overhead low and his good will high. I do not feel like we paid for anything other than excellent tax advice and a speedy resolution to our IRS challenges. Sam is wrapping up a final issue for us now, but we would not hesitate to return to Sam any time we have a tax matter.”

Client 4

“Sam is a wonderful, results-oriented and extremely knowledgeable and talented attorney, who really has ‘heart’ in working on behalf of his clients, and explains options in a straight-forward, respectful manner. He has assisted us with great outcomes which have added to our quality of life. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam for his services as he is an ethical, personable and expert attorney in his field. You will likely not be disapointed with Sam’s work ethic, approach and his efforts.”

Client 5

“Sam is a reliable, talented attorney that gets results.”

Client 6

“Thanks to Sam I now have a ZERO BALANCE DUE! The IRS was demanding I pay over $65,000 in back taxes or face a possible sale of my home. During this four year torment by the IRS my bank accounts were drained, accounts were in levy status, income was siezed and all of my assets were at risk of being siezed at anytime. It’s an awful empty feeling of helplessness nobody should ever experience.

After three and a half years of fighting the IRS on my own (NEVER CHALLENGE THE IRS ON YOUR OWN) and getting absolutely nowhere it was time to turn things over to Sam. Sam took the time to carefully listen to my situation and immediately started to build a defense against the IRS.

Within two weeks Sam PUT A STOP TO ALL COLLECTION ACTIVITY! Within two weeks, not months or years… weeks. Sam and his team refused screw around with letters or phone calls that for years on my own I was getting nowhere. Instead they got me directly into IRS Appeals Court, again in weeks time!

After Sam and his team made their demands to the Appeals Court it was a three month waiting game. During this period Sam made sure I was updated weekly on progress and kept my mind at ease,answered all of my tedious questions and calls.

LIBERATION!! A few weeks ago Sam called me, caught my voicemail and said “________ I have great news”. When I heard the message my stomach was literally turning. I finally built up the courage and called Sam back and the words I heard were just unbelievable and took my breath away:

“Hey ________, you now have a ZERO BALANCE with the IRS”. I literally went from owing $67,000.00 to a zero balance. At that moment I told Sam I gotta call you back, hung up and broke down in tears right there on the sidewalk outside of my home. The feeling of freedom from that damn tax burden was overwhelming and now it’s gone. It has strangely been a wonderful challenge to get used to, I’m sure some of you can relate.

That was two weeks ago and I still can’t wrap my head around the amazing job he did. After four years of hell from the IRS it is been wonderfully hard to adjust back to a normal lifestyle and conduct business again. I owe it all to Sam and Brotman Law firm. Thank you. Thank you for doing what nobody else could or would.

So if this testimonial sounds like it’s all about me and my story, wel lI guess it is, because that’s what Sam does, he makes it all about you and getting your tax problems SOLVED. Sam makes me feel like I matter and deserve more in life and I’m worth the fight. That’s is a darn rare trait for any attorney of his stature, I know… Ive talked to many.

Go ahead and call me if you need to be encouraged to never give up the IRS fight. And maybe I will tell you all about an awesome attorney named Sam who I can honestly say is my hero. I don’t care if that sounds cheesy but it is damn well true. “