As an Out of State Business, What Do I Do If I Owe Money to California?

As an Out of State Business, What Do I Do If I Owe Money to California? So if you owe money to California then you need to take action taking action is important, because no matter where your business is located even if you're not physically within the borders of California that doesn't mean California can't take action against you so a tax debt in California can transpose itself and cause you problems again even if you're not in California so the very first thing to understand is how much you really owe and then the second thing to understand is what is your risk associated with that tax debt what can California do to you California has a variety of collection tools in its arsenal against multi-state businesses but it doesn't mean that they're going to come into the state of Texas and seize your house so it's important to understand what they can do to you and how much you owe and then based on that creating a strategy to get in compliance with California or to mitigate the reliability in some way and there's a variety of different options for doing that as very fact-specific but the long and short of it is you want to understand what your risk is and then you want to get yourself a plan for getting back into compliance as soon as possible if you leave California untended - if you try to ignore the liability or if you bury your head in the sand that's where you're gonna create problems for yourself and your business so the important thing is if you owe a tax it to California make sure you get help as soon as possible or to put yourself back into compliance.


Sam Brotman, JD, LLM, MBA

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