Should I Be Concerned If I Am Selected for an IRS Audit?

Should I Be Concerned If I Am Selected for an IRS Audit? So understanding that an audit is a basic check here's why I think that you should be somewhat concerned if you're selected for audit by the IRS so the first thing to understand is that the government can't audit everybody the government is operating with very limited resources particularly over the last few years politically it's not popular to fund the IRS to create havoc or create any sort of discontent among floating tax payers as a politician funding the IRS is not something that makes you popular with your constituency but the reality is is with a shrinking budget and with the IRS being forced to do more and more things and do that differently the IRS is very picky picky about who it chooses to audit so the first thing to consider is that if you were selected for audit there must be a good reason for it.

The IRS sees something in your return that makes them want to ask a question now ultimately the answer to that question could be fairly benign but if you're selected for audit you can assume that you do they think that your income is not being reported correctly or that your expenses are not being taken appropriately so the very first question you need to ask yourself when you receive the audit notice is why we Maya being selected for audit what is it about my return that makes my return special out of all the people that file file tax returns and there's a way that the IRS does this which I can explain in a separate video but yes generally speaking you should be concerned if you are selected for all if you are selected for audit and you can't understand why you have been selected for audit? I would encourage you to reach out to a tax attorney or to another professional to get you returned with you chances are even if you're unaware of why you're being selected for audit because the IRS audits people over and over again we see the same patterns over and over again we can probably tell you why you were selected from.


Sam Brotman, JD, LLM, MBA

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