What Is a Levy?

A levy is a forcible taking of property. So in the context of a collections case when the government levies you it takes your property in the satisfaction of your tax debt. The government can levy a variety of different things. They can levy bank accounts, they can levy brokerage accounts, they can levy retirement accounts in certain cases, anything that is a large cash asset they can take from it. So levies are the most common thing that the government uses in collection cases because it's easy, it's going after low-hanging fruit, it's going after liquid assets and they're very quick to execute. You don't even need a person to execute them, you can have a computer do it so that's what a levy is and you should be aware of them and take appropriate steps to mitigate them in the course of your collection.


Sam Brotman, JD, LLM, MBA

Owner and Director of Legal
Brotman Law