Why Should I Hire Brotman Law to Defend Me in My Criminal Tax Matter?

Why Should I Retain Brotman Law to Represent Me in my Criminal Tax Banner? When you go through a terminal tax case there are a lot of different phases criminal tax cases are marathons and not Sprint's as they've said in previous videos they can be multi-year investigations they're a huge commitment they're a huge threat and because of the success rate of the US Attorney's Office and they're 90 percent conviction rate you have to be on guard they don't take Criminal Investigations on the IRS aside unless they think they're going to be successful in a conviction and the biggest problem for clients it's not just the jail time the criminal investigative process can take so much out of a client there are so many other negative effects between the impact that it has on a client's family and on their children between the impact that it has on a client's business and their professional relationships and all those things are potentially at risk even if there is an ultimate exoneration in the case so from our end our firm really has a lot of experience in dealing with these types of cases we know tax we know tax on the sole side we know it in all phases of the civil side and we know it in all phases of the criminal side and so when we take on a matter when the client decides and when we decide it's in our best interest to move forward on a criminal case there's a lot of strategy that goes in that process there's a strategy in terms of how we're going to handle this from a legal perspective there's a strategy involved in terms of how we're going to handle this from a resource perspective and it's a fight now make no mistake about it these are the biggest stakes that we face in any one of our matters, because there's a real possibility that at the end of the day our clients going to end up in jail and we take that very seriously so we're going to do everything that we can on our end to mitigate any consequence we're looking constantly for avenues to turn the case civil to make it go away to reduce things down to the lowest level possible we're constantly throwing up blocks in the investigative process we're constantly working with the US Attorney's and the agents to take the air out of their case and we're fighting as hard as we can on behalf of our clients I think it's our tenacity that really separates us as a firm because we have the experience in going through these cases we can empathize with our clients and we fight on their behalf, because it's personal to us so that's the thing I think that really separates us what I would invite you to do is if you're watching this and you want to know more come sit down and talk with us come meet me commuter senior team tell me lay out the facts of your case and let's figure out if it's a good fit if it's not a good fit I promise you're not going to take the case but what I can say is if we get a sense of what the conduct is we get a sense of what the risks are and we can develop a strategy to help mitigate those risks that I promise you that whether or not you make the decision to retain us you're going to be better served by walking out of our office if you're not better served by sitting down with us then I haven't done my job as an attorney and I don't tolerate that so I think those are all the reasons why I think we make the best criminal tax team and why you should think about retaining us as a firm.


Sam Brotman, JD, LLM, MBA

Owner and Director of Legal
Brotman Law