Why Should I Hire Brotman Law to Defend Me in My Sales Tax Audit?

Why Should I Hire Brotman Law to Defend Me in My Sales Tax Audit? Are One of the areas of practice that I'm most proud of in our firm we've dealt with some very difficult cases gotten some really phenomenal results I credit that to the hard work and diligence of our team Brotman law really understands sales tax audits we understand the tax law surrounding why sales are taxable and why they're not taxable we understand the tax procedure in terms of understanding the interactions with the auditor and their manager and the district principal auditor and then through the appeals process and up through the office of tax appeals and finally we understand statistical sampling which is a very rare quality in attorneys most attorneys don't get a good knowledge of statistics it's not something that they teach you in law school but statistical sampling and being able to sustain a data fight in the context of a sales tax on it is a very admirable quality we want to be on not only equal footing with the auditor, but we want to have the superior advantage during the entire audit because in our experience that's the way you get results for the client we use a very measured approach we measure twice and we cut once but our methods our strategic they're designed to make the problem the process as least burdensome for our clients as possible and they're designed to move them through the sales tax audit process quickly and with as little exposure as possible we are very good at what we do in the course of sales tax audits we fight we have a strategic tenacity and we do the best we can to keep leverage our efforts to get you the best result "I encourage you to sit down with us give us the facts" let us look at your documents and let us start formulating a strategic plan whether or not you Altima teaches to retain us at B's take advantage of the benefit of our knowledge so that we can look at your facts and guide you specifically through your situation sales tax audits have the potential for a great amount of risk for people in going through them even clients who make the mistake and thinking that because they haven't done anything wrong they don't have any risk in an ottoman but the good news is with our help with our strategic planning and with our help with the execution process you can minimize your liability as much as possible.


Sam Brotman, JD, LLM, MBA

Owner and Director of Legal
Brotman Law