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Whatever your problem is and whatever the challenge, we are here to help you. In an effort to facilitate communication with our clients and our prospective clients, Brotman Law maintains staffing from 6 AM PST until approximately 7 PM PST. Attorney hours are normally 8 AM PST until 7 PM PST. Calls received after hours and on weekends are either forwarded to staff off-site or returned the next day, although staff members are frequently in the office on weekends. Even if not during normal business hours, we encourage calls to our firm and those calls are often answered by our staff.

If you are a prospective client of our firm, please ask the receptionist to speak with Sam directly and please identify yourself as a prospective client to facilitate the fastest possible response to your questions. Even if we are not able to help you directly, we will most certainly be able to direct you to someone who can.

For government personnel and opposing counsel, we ask that you state the organization that you are with and the client that it is pertaining to when contacting our firm. Federal and state government personnel are also asked to leave their direct contact information to facilitate a faster response in the event we are not available.


Our main physical office maintains a “private office” policy, which means that we are available by appointment only. Although we are always available for physical meetings, we hold them off-site and away from our physical office (we utilize a secure conference facility downtown or will travel to the client’s location). We also do not accept in person document deliveries during normal business hours (we will arrange to meet you off-site). This is different from most law firms, although the vast majority of our clients prefer this model. We maintain this policy for the following reasons.

1. OPENNESS – Our office is run similar to a “war room” style environment. Our team works closely together on client issues in a very open environment. Resolution of our client’s issues depends on our ability to communicate effectively and out in the open. Through trial and error, we have found that clients and government personnel in our work space serve as a distraction and a hindrance to that purpose. We also have privacy concerns with respect to third parties being present in our work space while other staff are working on different matters.

2. CLIENT CONVENIENCE – Since our local clients are located in and around Southern California, we prefer to minimize the inconvenience to them. Our clients are busy professionals and their time is equally, if not more valuable than ours. As such, we prefer to hold meetings at the client’s location in order to minimize their travel time. Often times, visits to the client site also have other intangible benefits, such as our ability to see how the client runs their business.

3. OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY – Our private office policy helps us keep our costs down in a variety of respects, including the ability to avoid leasing Class A office space. As such, we do not have to raise our billing rates or take on more clients to cover the excess in overhead.

4. DOWNTOWN SAN DIEGO – Our office is located in the heart of Downtown San Diego and has a sweeping 360 degree view of San Diego from our killer rooftop helicopter pad.