The Brotman Virtual Law Office

Professional Goals:

Our virtual law office has three stated professional goals – 1) helping small and mid-size businesses grow and succeed in their endeavors, 2) finding workable tax resolutions for and defending good people against threats from the IRS and state revenue agencies, 3) providing clients with high quality legal documents (not templates) for their use in business and in everyday life. It is these three areas where we have chosen to dedicate my life’s work.

Legal Services:

The Brotman Virtual Law Office was founded in 2013 to provide client-centric, efficient, and cost effective legal solutions for a wide variety of corporate, tax, and real estate issues. My mission is to put the client’s goals first, above all else, in order to find a solution that is the best fit given the circumstances. The Brotman Virtual Law Office offers the following legal services. Please click on any the following to learn more about the ways that we can help you. 

Business Attorney Services

            1. The Outside General Counsel Program

            2. Business Startup Issues (Incorporation) and Corporate Governance

            3. Regulatory Issues and Transactional Services

            4. Employee Related Legal Issues

            5. External Business Legal Issues – Clients, Vendors, Competitors, and Others

Tax Attorney Services

            1. Criminal Tax Defense

            2. IRS Audit Representation

            3. IRS Collection Matters – Large Dollar Cases and Special Circumstances [1]

            4. Payroll Tax Issues

                        A. IRS Payroll Tax Collections

                        B. The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

                        C. Independent Contractor Audit Representation

            5. Tax Planning and Compliance Representation

            6. IRS Appeals/Appellate Representation

                        A. Innocent Spouse Relief

                        B. Penalty & Interest Abatements

            7. State Tax Matters

                       A. California Income Tax – Franchise Tax Board

                       B. California Payroll Tax – Employment Development Department

                       C. California Sales Tax – Board of Equalization

Real Estate Attorney Services

            1. Lease Negotiations

            2. Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Legal Document Drafting

            1. Corporate/Transactional Documents

            2. Documents for Individuals and Families


Advantages of a Virtual Law Office:

In the last few years, technology has rapidly evolved to enable individuals to provide a level of service in ways that were never thought possible before. By utilizing technology to solve legal challenges, lawyers such as myself can provide a whole new level of access and convenience to our clients. Very few practitioners take advantage of these benefits to our clients, either because they do not understand them or refuse to adapt to change, and insist on sticking to a traditional brick and mortar law practice. However, by injecting technology into an industry that has traditionally been slow to change, we can provide more efficient and cost-effective legal solutions to our clients. Some of the key advantages of virtual practice are:

1. Fully functioning mobile practice

Ability to provide service to clients 99% of the time no matter where I am geographically located. Have greater access to documents and communication methods through virtual law practice.

2. Easier communication

Reduces the need for the inconvenience of face-to-face meetings, which my clients can now attend from the comfort of whatever location they are in. Document sharing is now via a cloud-based system with financial grade encryption and security measures. Secure messages from attorney to client are likewise shared from this system.

3. Cost Effective

Saves the attorney from the burdens and fixed/operating expenses of running a full time brick and mortar practice. Attorney can then provide his expertise and professional services at a lower cost to clients (my professional hourly rate is almost less than half of what it was). It is simple business school math – lower overhead = more efficient investments of capital and lower rates for clients.

4. Environmentally friendly

Greater efficiency means less paper, less ink, less electricity, less waste, and smaller footprint. There is a small charge added on to each matter in order to cover environmental costs and ensure that things are left better than we found them. That is what corporate social responsibility is all about.

[1] Note for smaller tax issues, we encourage you to explore Brotman Tax Resolution Services.