California Tax Debt Resolution

The California tax collection agencies are notoriously aggressive and the system is not designed to be fair to the taxpayer. Anyone who has ever been in their crosshairs knows this. Our California state tax focused practice will help you gain the advantage, not just even the playing field.
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In California, the collections process is very swift, inflexible, harsh, and inconsistent in the way it is applied across taxpayers. For businesses that have the ability to generate cash, it is particularly difficult to negotiate resolutions with the state. California is one of the worst states to owe money on business or personal taxes. In other words, in California, the tax system’s is primarily geared to collections activity against taxpayers.
Furthermore, what most taxpayers don’t know is that collection activity can occur for up to 30 years at the state level, even though at the federal level, the statutes for collections expire at 10 years. California also lacks certain protections, put in place at the federal level, that deal with taxpayers’ rights. California’s collection actions are more aggressive and the time period afforded taxpayers is much less than the IRS.
These harsh practices in dealing with California collections was what inspired me to choose this profession. 


The Best Defense Against the California Tax Collections Starts Here.

Our strategy sessions dig deep into your financial situation and the threat posed by the state of California. We create a roadmap to getting you out of harm's way once and for all.
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Who Needs This Service?

  • Businesses that have tax debt and need to preserve their cash flow.
  • Anybody who owes a tax debt in California and does not feel like they can repay it immediately.

Our Approach

  • 1: Initial Strategy Session
  • 2: Pre-Audit Your Return
  • 3: Audit Meeting & Follow Up
  • 3: Audit Meeting & Follow Up

We provide every prospective client with a 60-minute initial strategy session to address your tax debt.

Our senior attorneys will look at your return and speak with you to determine what may have triggered the audit. We can then help identify, mitigate, and manage any risk that you may have going into the audit.

We will analyze your tax returns (both current and past), the auditor’s initial document request, and based on the auditor, we will be able to get a sense of the seriousness of the matter.

By the end of the meeting, you will have a strategy and a step-by-step game plan for moving through the audit as quickly and cleanly as possible. These sessions, and the plan that comes out of them, are delivered to you without any further obligation to our firm, regardless of whether you retain us going forward.

We pre-audit your return to minimize any surprises and maximize our results.

The first action we take is to stop collections and provide you with room to breathe. After we have stopped the immediate problem, we then work on putting into place a long-term resolution that you can live with.

We attend your audit meeting and handle any necessary follow up.

Our team will work with you to better prepare you for the audit. We call this a “stress test.” In our experience, preparation and presentation are the keys to success in any audit. Your pre-audit will use the exact same procedure and method that the California state tax authority uses for the “real audit.” In our many years of handling audits, we have become “pros” in responding to their playbook.

We attend your audit meeting and handle any necessary follow up.

By the time your audit comes up, you will be well prepared for it. We will have analyzed every variable and tailored our presentation to minimize your risk. Should there be a need for an appeal, we have the experience of having handled 100s of CA state tax authority appeals across various issues. While we hope for your case to be closed with no change, we are well prepared to go the distance no matter what happens during the course of your audit.

Why We Designed This Service

California Tax Debt Resolution


As we have stated in the overview, we have personally seen, up close and personal, and how difficult the state can be when they believe they are owed money. While many people have no concept of how impossible they are to deal with – until they are going through this process – we understand the seriousness of this issue and therefore, do everything we can to intervene.

The state will attempt to use a lot of very aggressive tactics in order to steer taxpayers into paying more than they can afford, so our focus is on evening the playing field by introducing ways to preserve a reasonable quality of life for our clients who owe state taxes. Our focus is to create a real avenue of relief for taxpayers – something that is lacking at the state level.

Our Pricing

California tax debt resolution matters generally run between $3,500 and $15,000, depending on the circumstances involved in bringing about the resolution.

That being said, things tend to amplify at the state level in terms of how difficult it is to deal with state tax auditors. Whenever possible, we try to keep the cost down. If a client has a tax debt with both the state and the federal government, there are opportunities available to cut costs by dealing with two problems at the same time.

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Features & Benefits

  • By representing individuals and businesses that owe money to the state, we are able to put into place a long-term resolution for their tax problems.
  • Our clients benefit from being able to enjoy the freedom and flexibility to carry on with their lives, even if they are being pursued for tax debt.
  • We are a firm you can trust because we understands your risk.
  • We are an advocate who will fight for you.
  • We know exactly what buttons to push with auditors to make the process go well for our clients.

Give us a Call. You Have Everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose.

Our tax strategy sessions are the first step in making sure that you get the best defense possible against the California tax collection agencies. They are 100% risk free with a complete money back guarantee.
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