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There is no greater threat to you and your family than the prospect of being convicted for a tax crime. Difficult and desperate times call for the very best in specialized and tactical criminal tax defense from a team you can trust.
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There is no other way to say this: Criminal tax matters are the most serious matters in our firm. The stakes for you as the client could not be higher and you deserve to have a team that can rise to the occasion. For every government action, there must be an equal and opposing response. 

The most recent stats suggest that the U.S. Attorney’s Office enjoys a 92% conviction rate when it comes to criminal tax cases. Of those convicted, the vast majority end up in prison. The key problem is that once they have got you in their crosshairs, it makes it very difficult to resolve a criminal tax matter.

Furthermore, criminal tax cases are not like most other crimes because they are extremely complicated. The complexities associated with tax are amplified when you add a potential criminal tax component. It is therefore imperative that you have someone who understand both the criminal defense side and the technical tax side. 

Our clients are good people, who have often been roped into something bigger than themselves. It is our job to protect them, which is a responsibility we take very seriously. We encourage you to sit down with us and understand what we can do for you.

The Best Criminal Tax Defense Starts Here.

Our strategy sessions dig deep into why you are being audited and create a roadmap to getting you out of harm's way once and for all.
Solve Your Tax Problems

Who Needs This Service?

  • Anyone who has been charged with a tax crime.
  • Anyone who thinks they may be charged with a tax crime.
  • Anyone who has had contact with an IRS special agent/CA investigative agent or who may be a potential witness to a tax crime–even if you haven’t done anything wrong, you need an attorney every time you speak with the criminal investigative side of the government in order to protect your rights. 

Our Approach

  • 1: Initial Strategy Session
  • 2: Phase Two

We provide every prospective client in a criminal matter with a 90-minute initial strategy session.

We take special precautions in criminal matters and our initial meetings with our prospective clients are usually done in person. You will sit down with Sam and potentially another member of our senior legal team. The goal of this meeting is to put all the facts that we have available to us on the table. Usually when dealing with a subject or a target of a criminal tax investigation, the advantage that we have early on is access to information that the government may not have. 

It is important to really pin down, at the earliest possible juncture, what the risk is and your potential areas of exposure. Often criminal tax issues will weave in together with other charges, so having an understanding of the center point of the government's investigation and whether the tax component is the steak or the side dish can have implications on our strategy early on. We also want to identify, based on outside evidence, what stage the government's investigation is in or whether or not they have made a charging decision. 

By the end of the meeting, even with limited facts, you will have a strategy and a step-by-step game plan for moving through the preliminary stages of the matter as quickly and as easily as possible. Our expertise is available to you whether or not you retain us and, regardless of that decision, everything shared is completely confidential and protected by attorney-client privilege. 

Whatever it takes, you have our commitment to deliver the best result for you and your family.

Each criminal tax case is based heavily on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case. Therefore, it is hard to define the exact sequence or process that your matter will take without first outlining the strategy that is custom-tailored to the conduct being alleged. 

Rest assured, our firm will go to the end of the earth to vigorously defend our clients against any charges that the government throws our way. We are laser-focused on the problem and in giving you a solution to that problem that goes above and beyond the standard call of duty. We are well aware of the stakes and know that your livelihood often hangs in the balance. 

Whatever route your matter takes, be it successful pre-indictment resolution, witness representation, or even if it results in criminal charges, know that will be with you every step of the way. Trust us to guide you to the other side and to protect the things that matter most to you. 

Why We Designed This Service




This service, in particular, was designed to offset the impact of a criminal tax investigation, because the government can be very aggressive towards individuals, and criminal tax charges have very serious penalties.

We realize that there are people who unjustly get caught up in the system, and while we are primarily a civil practice, we have developed a robust criminal tax defense practice to help this group.

Many criminal defense attorneys who are dealing with criminal tax issues do not have the capability to provide their clients with the best possible defense for this area of law.

Criminal tax defense requires specialized knowledge in tax to appropriately handle these matters. We created our criminal tax defense practice to offer the best possible defense for clients who find themselves in this situation.

Features & Benefits

  • The biggest benefit in representing someone in this matter is that our team is very tax-focused.
  • We have expertise in dealing with taxes on all ends of the spectrum.
  • We have a broad range of experience in dealing with the IRS on the civil side and are able to use that knowledge to mitigate allegations of conduct by the government.
  • We are very technical in our approach and with our level of tax expertise, we are able to mitigate the tax situation using a unique approach.
  • We have experience serving as counsel on criminal tax issues with several prominent criminal defense firms including cases involving securities fraud, white collar crime, identify theft and healthcare fraud, among others.
  • When a person is charged with a crime, in addition to a tax crime, our expertise can complement the work being done by the primary criminal defense team.

Give Us a Call. You Have Everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose.

Our tax strategy sessions are the first step in making sure that you get the best criminal tax defense possible. They are 100% risk free with a complete money back guarantee. 
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