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Divorce can be painful, frustrating, confusing and expensive. Adding tax issues might seem like it would even make it even more so. However, with our specialized divorce
and tax practice, we resolve even the toughest issues cleanly and efficently.
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It goes without saying that divorce is one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. The division of any marriage is wrought with complex emotions and feelings and often times, people don’t behave as the best versions of themselves.

It is a fact that the divorce process often generates a very high degree of conflict that makes resolving tax issues during divorce very difficult. The greatest challenge is getting two parties, who are on opposite sides, to unite and resolve an issue, or alternatively, to resolve one person’s issues when the other party will not cooperate.

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Our strategy sessions dig deep into your situation and create a roadmap to getting you out of harm's way once and for all.
Solve Your Tax Problems
Our Approach

The Brotman Law Approach to Divorce and Taxes

Going through a divorce is a process that is fraught with emotional highs and lows so we will let you, the person who is going through this transition, to tell us how you want us to define our process. Our objective at the end of this process is to put you in the best possible position while creating the best glide path going forward. However, there are two situations that can impact or slow down this process:

1) The complexity of your situation

2) Your relationship of cooperation or lack thereof, with the other parties involved.

In order to bring about cooperation with an adversarial party who is part of the divorce case is to outline a strategy that is in the best interest of all the parties. To do this we will collect facts from a variety of sources, including: you, your divorcing partner or their attorney, and the government to gauge what level of cooperation we can expect.

It’s nice if they do cooperate but not entirely essential. We like to refer to the carrot and the stick analogy. Our first objective is to be diplomatic but if that doesn’t work then we always have the option of swinging the stick.

Once we know more about the level of cooperation we can expect, we meet with you to discuss a plan so that with our guidance, you can then make a decision on how you want us to proceed with your matter.

We have dealt with a ton of divorce cases and independently developed a tremendous resource network to help clients go through their divorce with as much support as they need during what is often a tremendously difficult set of circumstances.

Why We Designed This Service

Divorce and Taxes Office Building

There’s so much that happens in the divorce process: Family Court is exhaustive and expensive, the parties may not like each other, their attorney, or the other parties’ attorney. There’s a lot of frustration and personal feelings involved.

At Brotman Law, we enter the picture to create a very specific solution to a very specific problem in the middle of a complex issue. Rather than taking sides in the dissolution of the marriage, itself, we are focused on getting our clients the best result possible with their tax issue. The last thing that anybody wants, in addition to fighting with their spouse, is having to fight the IRS.

Features & Benefits

  • We have represented dozens of clients in this area.
  • We are really good at resolving these issues because of our experience.
  • We bring into the mix a collaborative approach in dealing with other attorneys, the courts and the entire process.
  • We are the safe place in the middle of the storm.
  • We present a holistic approach to the entire process, not just the task at hand.

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Our tax strategy sessions are the first step in making sure that you get the best divorce and tax defense possible. They are 100% risk free with a complete money back guarantee. 

Solve Your Tax Problems