Kari Fougner

Office Manager

Kari Fougner is Brotman Law’s Office Manager taking care of pretty much all of the administrative functions involved in running the firm. Kari oversees the firm’s case management making sure all analysis on projects is completed in a timely manner and that attorneys have the resources they need to fulfill their strategies. Potential new clients can expect Kari to be their first point of contact with our firm. She works quickly and efficiently to document their issues and follow up with our clients. Kari also interacts with clients on billing issues and makes sure all government and client deadlines are met.

Kari’s passion for her job is seen in the way she makes sure everything runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible. She always has a “Plans A,” with a “Plan B” and a “Plan C” right behind it to ensure that there are no hiccups. Kari joined the firm as a paralegal after graduating from the University of San Diego with an ABA - approved paralegal certificate. She was then promoted to case manager, finally, to office manager.

Born and raised in Norway, Kari holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy of Languages from the University of Oslo and is fluent in Norwegian, Mandarin, English, and has a working knowledge of French and Farsi.  

In Norway, Kari worked for the Nordic Counsel as Project Assistant to the Project Manager where she reached out to vendors and managers in other countries to encourage financial and cultural cooperation between Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. Kari previously taught high school in Norway and also worked as an HR Manager for a catering company.

When she’s not working, Kari enjoys hiking the rustic trails around San Diego and visiting the beautiful national parks and reserves with her 95 lb. dog, Buck. At some point she hopes to also use her cross country skis that she brought with her when she moved here from Norway several years ago. 

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