Mireah (Mia) Larson

Legal Assistant

Mia Larson is a first generation college graduate that attended San Diego State University, where she graduated in 2020 with honors (Magna Cum Laude). Her bachelor's degree in political science has set her up for a bright future in law, teaching her many of the foundational perspectives and knowledge necessary for applying her education in the real world. After graduation, Mia began working as a legal assistant at a firm practicing family law. Over the course of two years, Mia learned the ins-and-outs of family law while working in intake. For each person who called the firm, she determined how to best advise them in next steps and coordinated follow-up with new clients who onboarded at the firm. 

In joining the Brotman Law team, Mia is excited to be working with a larger firm and sees this opportunity as a chance to branch out in the legal field by learning a different practice. Working in tax law is a different world for her, but she is excited by the amount she has already learned and that she gets to help clients with new matters every day. Her patience, thoughtfulness and understanding approach have made potential new clients that call Brotman Law feel that they can trust the firm to provide the best guidance for any tax law situation. 

Mia's long-term goal is to attend law school and become a practicing attorney. With the hands-on experience she is getting on the Brotman Law team, she is closer to achieving this goal every day. She is passionate about helping all clients and appreciates that each matter that gets presented to the firm is unique and requires special attention, which the legal team is able to provide with strategic plans to overcome all client challenges.

In her free time, Mia enjoys live music and concerts. She hopes to be able to travel the world and explore different cultures. 



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