Sara Masood

Legal Assistant

Sara Masood received her bachelor's degree in Business from San Diego State University, which has provided her a foundational understanding of business throughout her career. She has a tremendous amount of retail experience, which began with her role as executive team lead for Target. Sara then spent almost a decade in management at Jack in the Box, where she honed her customer service skills and developed a passion for helping guests have a great experience with each member of her team on every visit.

Following her time at the restaurant chain, Sara became an executive assistant for Absolute Solutions Inc, a physician billing and consulting company. During her time there, Sara became very well versed in the complexities of billing and the importance of having a keen attention to detail. Sara joined the Brotman Law team in October of 2022 as ERC coordinator. In her position on the Employee Retention Tax Credit team, Sara has worked with clients of all sizes and company structures on their filings with the IRS. She is the first point of contact for all of these clients upon onboarding, and she enjoys building relationships with each business so that she can help them apply for their qualifying ERC credits. Her diligence, excellent customer service and time management abilities have been key to Sara's success, enabling her to take on the role as Legal Assistant for the ERC department. 

In her free time, Sara enjoys traveling to new cities all over the US. She loves animals of all sizes, including the many dogs of Brotman Law. In the future, she hopes to have a home where she can fit a bunch of four-legged friends and give them all the love they deserve. 



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