If you run an Illinois business, taxes are a primary financial concern, and if you’re facing back taxes, the stress can be considerable. At Brotman Law, we recognize that every client’s tax situation is unique, and we have the focused skill and legal insight to help assess your tax needs and to strategize an advantageous solution. Don’t wait to schedule a tax strategy consultation — contact us today about our Illinois tax relief services.




If you’re drowning in tax debt, we’ll skillfully negotiate with the involved Illinois tax collection agencies in pursuit of tax reductions as well as terms that make paying off your remaining debt more manageable.


Legal representation can make a considerable difference in the outcome of your tax situation. We offer solid, personalized guidance that’s designed to protect your legal rights and ensure fair treatment by the Illinois tax collection agency you’re dealing with.


Both the IRS and the Illinois Department of Revenue engage in tax negotiations that are based on reasonable cause or on offers in compromise, which can significantly reduce the amount you owe.

While federal taxes are hefty, Illinois is no slouch when it comes to the tax percentages it employs. This includes a 9.5% corporate and a 4.95% individual income tax rate. When combined with the state’s aggressive collection and enforcement efforts, it doesn’t take much to feel the financial pinch.

According to WalletHub, Illinois charges the highest annual state and local taxes on median U.S. households — with an effective total rate of 15.05%. In other words, Illinois is serious about taking its fair share of your income — and isn’t shy about exerting its authority in the process.

Illinois tax collection agencies are good at what they do, but you are not alone out there. We offer professional consultations focused on individualized strategization that’s geared toward results, which translates to tax relief.

Every day that passes, your debt to the State grows through interest and penalties. We can give you a plan that won't cripple your business in the process

We offer comprehensive tax relief services that can help in a range of difficult situations, including:

  • If you own an Illinois business that needs to preserve its cash flow in the face of tax debt
  • If you’re an individual facing Illinois tax debt that you’re currently unable to pay
We’re here to help you negotiate a long-term solution that allows you to overcome your state tax concerns and secure the financial peace of mind you seek.
Our clients benefit from being able to enjoy the freedom and flexibility to carry on with their lives, even if they are being pursued for tax debt.

We're well acquainted with how obstinate the State of Illinois can be when it comes to collecting their share of the financial pie. Those who’ve never had to deal with the state and its tactics often fail to appreciate exactly how far they’ll go to procure what they believe is theirs.

At Brotman Law, on the other hand, we recognize the challenges you face, and we have a wealth of experience successfully negotiating favorable resolutions for clients like you. 

Illinois tax collection agencies adopt an adversarial stance from the outset, but with seasoned legal guidance on your side, you’ll be far better positioned to secure every potential advantage and preserve your wealth to the degree possible.

Illinois is intent on obtaining the tax income it considers is due, and we’re committed to zealously exploring every potential avenue of tax relief on your behalf.

The Illinois tax collection agencies are notoriously aggressive and the system is not designed to be fair to the taxpayer. Anyone who has ever been in their crosshairs knows this. Our tax relief in Chicago services will help you gain the advantage; not just even the playing field.


If you’re facing a serious tax concern, having savvy legal counsel in your corner is always to your advantage. A dedicated tax attorney in Chicago can level this playing field and can significantly improve your chances of obtaining an optimal outcome.


We have years of impressive experience backing us up, and we’ve seen it all. Whether you’re facing a bank levy, a lien, garnishments, or any other tax challenge, we are well prepared and well positioned to help.


Your tax concerns are unique to you and your specific situation, and the right path forward for you requires customization. When you work with us, you’ll have a dedicated Illinois tax relief attorney fiercely advocating for a favorable tax resolution that works for you.


Once we’ve successfully resolved your presenting issues, we’ll help implement a system of checks and balances that greatly reduces the risk of future concerns.




We kick off every client engagement with an hour-long strategy session that’s led by one of our senior tax relief attorneys. This amounts to sitting down with you and diving into your tax concerns as well as your financial goals.

At this point, you’ll have a well-considered game plan that affords step-by-step advice for skillfully handling your impending audit. Even if our business relationship with you ends here, the resulting strategy is yours to implement.



While we gather the evidence necessary to craft a solid, forward-looking strategy that protects your financial rights in the long term, we’ll also actively defend you from any immediate aggressions on the part of the state.

Too many people who find themselves in Illinois State's firm tax grasp are ready to cry uncle and simply give up, but there’s often a better way.

To begin, halting the collections process can provide you with the breathing room you need to craft a solution. Once the immediate threat is tabled, we’ll get to work formulating a long-range plan with reasonable terms that work for you and that puts you back in the state’s good graces.

We take a highly individualized approach to every tax relief case we take on. We don’t, however, stop there – we’ll work closely with you from the start to ensure we support your priorities.



The State of Illinois likes to throw its weight around, but with effective legal guidance behind you, you aren't without power of your own. If the state throws down the gauntlet, we’re here to help effectively and efficiently guide you forward with your rights intact – regardless of the situation.

Illinois is aggressive right out of the gate and likes to crank up the heat from there. We take a strong, well-founded position of our own, and while Illinois will not be bullied, they are required to listen to reason. This means the path forward can be daunting, but we have the fortitude to keep going and an imposing track record of success.

Whatever your tax dilemma is, its resolution is not carved in stone. Our accomplished tax relief attorneys offer unwavering support, knowledgeable legal insight, and keen negotiating skills to help you effect a beneficial outcome.



Set up a quick call with our firm's concierge to see if we'll be able to help you. The whole process will take 10 minutes or less. If your matter is urgent we will also help to expedite a meeting with Sam.


Next, you will meet with the Firm Owner and Director of Legal, Sam Brotman for your consultation. Any information that you can provide or any documents you would like Sam to review are always helpful, so we can ensure that you get as much value as possible.


Can I negotiate with Illinois collection agencies myself?

If you want to deal with collection agencies directly to negotiate your debts, you are definitely within your rights to do so. However, in some tax situations, it is advisable to hire an Illinois tax attorney to help you. Remember, the process is made more difficult because of how tax collections are set up in Illinois. The playing field is not tilted in your favor, hence the need for an expert.

What can an Illinois tax attorney do that I can't?

Although you have the right to discuss your tax issues directly with the State collection agencies, there are several areas that an attorney has expertise on that you don't. Also, don't forget that contacting a knowledgeable tax attorney can help you avoid tax issues in the first place.

How long is Illinois required to pursue unpaid taxes?

Between 2 and 20 years. However, this collection statute of limitations may be extended or stopped in a number of situations, including if a lien was filed, if personal penalty assessments have been issued, if a judgment was entered by the Attorney General, and other enforcement actions.

Can taxes be discharged in bankruptcy?

Yes. There are circumstances in which taxes might be discharged in bankruptcy. That said, you must have an expert tax attorney analyze your situation to determine whether your case qualifies.

How do I know if my tax debt issue has been resolved?

Once your submission is approved, and the plan of action is established, you will be back on the path to compliance. Our team will monitor your situation to ensure that you retain good status with the State and will work with you to avoid reoccurring problems.