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Federal Tax Defense: The IRS

The IRS has long been an organization that strikes fear in the hearts of many. Owing money to the government or being the subject of a government investigation conjures up images of agents in your home or raiding your office, hauling you away in front of your family, and throwing you into federal prison. While some of these images are sensationalized and tied to the actions of the criminal investigative division, the IRS does have a tremendous amount of power.

Our system is set up to maximize their ability to do their jobs, sometimes at the expense of the individual taxpayer. This gives the IRS broad power to investigate, subpoena, demand records, assess penalties, file liens, seize assets, and yes — sometimes put people in jail.

So when faced with a situation where you are against the full force of the United States Government, you will want a skilled tax attorney who will stand up for your rights and get them out of your life as quickly as possible.

Brotman Law provides services and guidance in the following areas pertaining to the IRS:

  • CPAs and Why Your First Line of Defense Might Not be Your Best One
  • Why Our Tax System is Often Unfair to Taxpayers
  • The IRS and Businesses
    • Payroll Tax Matters
    • Corporate Collections
  • IRS Audits and Payroll Tax Matters
  • Other Frequently Dealt With Collections Issues
    • Offers in Compromise
    • Innocent Spouse Relief
    • Penalty and Interest Abatements


Our IRS Collections Practice

The IRS policy, when it comes to collections, is to come after people who are either not filing or not paying. Because of this, what you will find with the IRS is a series of actions that speeds up locating delinquent taxpayers, putting pressure on them, and essentially forcing them into compliance by beating them into submission. The laws and internal policies of the IRS are written to help them facilitate that process, even above being flexible to the taxpayer in any individual situation. The consequences are harsh, so an experienced advocate is often a good investment when fighting back against the IRS.

The IRS Collections department often takes a tough and unreasonable approach when you owe a liability to the government. Rather than express sympathy for your situation, they will use harsh standards and make unreasonable demands to get the most money out of you per month. The sacrifices that they ask you to make are often too much for most taxpayers to bear. In addition, taxpayers who do not agree to their demands are often subject to forced collection action — which means wiping out bank accounts, garnishing wages, and generally making it extremely difficult for you to live and support yourself.

Brotman Law eliminates the threat and shifts the focus from the desires of the government to the needs and future goals of our clients.We strategize and plan for financial and personal success, determining the cost of what it takes to maintain your standard of living and then working the IRS into that framework rather than the other way around. Our strategy minimizes client contact with the Service and the intrusion of the IRS into their daily lives. We aim to preserve your standard of living and help you to keep the things which matter most.