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Offer in Compromise

There are times when a tax debt becomes insurmountable given a person’s financial circumstances or where there is a serious doubt as to the liability owed. Although the IRS has created a program to settle a person or business’s tax liability (Offer in Compromise), it has placed stringent restrictions on the criteria that it uses to determine offer acceptance. In addition, IRS personnel are trained to screen offers in compromise and reject or modify offer amounts, which often times make them unworkable for the taxpayer. Taxpayers are often confused or angry at the Service for what seems like an unfair process and the fresh starts promised seem unobtainable.

Brotman Law helps to dispel the mystery from the offer in compromise process. In contrast to many firms, we prescreen offers using the same formulaic methods that the IRS collections divisions uses for acceptance and only submit offers in compromise that we feel have a high chance of acceptance. If a client comes to us and presents circumstances that we do not believe will be approved, we formulate a strategy and work with them to present an offer in compromise that will be acceptable to the IRS. Additionally, we always strive to do what we can to maximize the client’s tax savings and provide with the fresh start that they deserve.

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