If I Get Audited What Is the Likelihood That I Am Going to Get Audited Again?

If I Get Audited What Is the Likelihood That I Am Going to Get Audited Again? So the first thing it depends on is what are you being audited for are you being audited for a one-off mistake are you being audited for a serious underreporting of income or an overstatement in actions what's the issue and then based on how the audit goes what's the correction is it a substantial correction as an a minimal correction are you getting penalized with your fraud issues involved audits are meant as a check so again the IRS is verifying that the story you're telling the government is an accurate story if there's reason for the government to believe that that story may continue in the future then you'll probably pop back up on the IRS as radar again knows you have a history of non-compliance if you're under reporting cash or something like that the IRS will probably take a look at the return understand that the IRS operates based largely on statistics so when they look at returns and when they look at taxpayers on whether they're gonna get audited they'll compare the return that was audited the adjustment that was made and then they'll compare a later year return and any any similar issues on that return to the first return decide whether or not they want to get a lot of it most taxpayers if you go through an audit you've pretty much learned your lesson and you never want to go through it again so whatever the errors are that happened the first time around the hope is that they'll get corrected, but the audit the IRS does audit multiple years they can audit in the future and yes once you're on the autumn list. They will protect they will pick up ears if they feel that there is the potential for a future adjustment so the best thing that you can do to protect yourself from being audited again is to learn from your mistakes the first time and to minimize those mistakes going for and in the future .


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