What Makes Brotman Law Unique?

What Makes Brotman Law Unique? So i point to a couple of different things when i differentiate our firm from other firms the first thing I would differentiate is that our firm is really built for businesses for business owners and for corporate officers and the reason for that is is I'm a small business myself I love being a small business and I love all the challenges and the excitement and the risk that comes with running your own business when I set up my tax firm I wanted to build a business that catered to the need of businesses and to help those businesses help their clients and be the best platform that they could be so I designed a firm around not only fixing people's tax problems but working with small businesses to make them the best versions of themselves that they can possibly become and a lot of that is accomplished through tax and the thing that we're doing but it's a gateway for something much much larger number two I would point to our experience in separating ourselves from other firms that are out there we have a lot of experience particularly in dealing with.

The state and that experience is really valuable because it's not just about understanding the law it's really about understanding the way the law works and" How it applies to businesses" you know a lot of the challenges that we have in dealing with our clients on tax issues is they don't want to do the right thing they just don't know how and the problem that I encounter with the state and then I tell as many state representatives as I can is they can set the rules any way that they want to but there needs to be consistency and the uniformity in how they enforce those rules and so because the state of California in particular it doesn't do that it's really hard for clients to try and do the right thing so one of the biggest challenges that I have as a leader and as a counselor to my clients is helping them do the right thing in this county and the other thing that I would use to differentiate us is empathy because we're a small business because we deal with business clients because we deal with their problems and their challenges and their successes on a daily basis you know we have a real empathy with our clients for the experiences that they go through we're a small firm but we have a very dedicated client base who's been really terrific over the years and it's been one of the reasons for our success is because the loyalty and the dedication that our clients have shown to us so those are the characteristics that I believe make our firm unique and you know if you'd like to get to know us more more than happy to sit down with you for a consultation where you're more than welcome to read some of the things that we've written and things that we've put out there in an effort to help businesses be the best versions of themselves that they can be.


Sam Brotman, JD, LLM, MBA

Owner and Director of Legal
Brotman Law