Why Should I Hire Brotman Law to Defend Me in My Payroll Tax Audit?

If there's one thing that we do really well in this firm it's handling payroll tax audits. We have a lot of experience in dealing with the EDD through a variety of their district offices. We've been to district offices all up and down California. You can handle these issues in front of them all the way from sitting down here in San Diego up into Northern California and we do a lot of these types of cases. Over the course of doing this, we've really developed a body of experience. Our body of experience is not only at the audit level, it's with EDD settlement and it's with EDD appeals. So the nice thing about our firm is all of our team has a really good understanding for how things play out at different levels in the process. When we have an EDD audit client come in, we're not only pre-auditing them to present information to the auditor, but we're constantly thinking about how things are going to play out in front of an administrative law judge in front of the higher levels and we're really working to build a case. We're really good at figuring out what our client's liability is at the beginning of this and then mitigating that as much as possible. We've got a very good success rate with the EDD particularly in cases where we have some frustration or some difficult issues and we're able to resolve them. Now the EDD is a difficult organization to work with. You take the San Diego office for example, you've got a group of Auditors in the San Diego office that's really good and you got a group that's not so good and we kind of know who the good ones are and the bad ones are because we have that familiarity with them. The auditors know that our level of preparation and our level of organization and in moving through the audit is really unmatched. I mean we really focus in and get these audits to a point where we're delivering the best results for our client. So I think our process is great. I would encourage you sit down with myself, sit down with one of our senior attorneys, let us walk you through your particular EDD audit situation and let's at least develop a plan. If you decide to take that plan and go somewhere else or not retain us, no problem. But at least you'll have a good understanding of what your risk is. You understand how the EDD is going to look at you from a penalty perspective, how they're going to look at your contractors and then you can make your own decision on how you want to proceed and what the best course of action is. 


Sam Brotman, JD, LLM, MBA

Owner and Director of Legal
Brotman Law