Full IRS Tax Audit Representation Services

If you get an audit notice, a tax attorney can develop strategies to safeguard your interests and reduce penalties.

Most taxpayers are far from happy upon receiving a tax audit notice from the IRS. However, you can get relief through retaining IRS tax audit representation services in all states. Whether you're self-employed, a small business or corporate owner, you have a right to representation in tax-related matters.

IRS auditors sift through tax returns to ensure accuracy. If red flags are identified in your tax return, they can demand documentation supporting your claim. Without tax audit representation, you may pay additional taxes in addition to interest and penalties which can add up quickly.

What is tax audit representation?

Tax audit representation, also known as audit defense, involves legal professionals acting on the behalf of the taxpayer during an IRS audit.

While the tax audit process terrifies some taxpayers, the Taxpayer Bill of Rights states that taxpayers can seek help from an IRS tax representative. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights is the rule book and guide for taxpayers in the U.S.

The Internal Revenue Service allows a taxpayer a right to power of attorney for a fair hearing. This process gives the Internal Revenue Service credibility and ensures transparency and accuracy during a tax examination.

While taxpayers have rights to an IRS tax representative, the lawyer must have a license to practice in the state and before the Internal Revenue Service. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), enrolled agents, and attorneys are legal experts that can represent taxpayers before the commission in a tax year.

Hiring a tax audit representative may be the best solution to defending yourself from the IRS. Tax attorneys in particular are familiar with IRS procedures and can minimize the chances of a tax audit with proper record keeping.

If you get an audit notice, a tax attorney can develop strategies to safeguard your interests and reduce penalties. Tax audit representation services can provide a legal professional who knows how to resolve the many different types of tax cases with the IRS.

How can IRS tax audit representation benefit me?

Understanding the scope of the audit, time-saving factors, protecting your rights, and saving money are just a few of the ways that IRS tax audit representation can benefit you.

Let’s discuss the benefits in further detail.

1. Understanding the scope of IRS audit

The first benefit you will have when deciding to hire IRS tax audit representation for your case is learning about the complete scope of the audit.

A legal professional will analyze the situation and then thoroughly explain IRS audit procedures to you. They can provide sensitive documents to ensure you pay tax debts but often without additional taxes, fines, or penalties.

2. Time savings

Another significant benefit of IRS tax audit representation is time savings. Having IRS tax audit representation can speed up the process, quickly resolving business or individual tax issues with effective strategies.

The IRS tax auditing process can be unpleasant and stressful, especially if the case is complex. A complicated case requires an office audit. This type of audit has been known to cause sleep deprivation for many taxpayers, as the process can become intense. A tax attorney knows the proper documents to present and has the necessary experience to negotiate a resolution without litigation, which can be very time-consuming.

3. Tax audit representation takes the pressure off clients

Having legal experts represent your case at the Internal Revenue Service will most likely ease your stress. While IRS agents can be challenging and intense as they ask targeted questions about your lifestyle and finances, you don't have to fight your case alone.

You will of course need to provide your income and expense documents as proof to help a tax attorney fight your case.

4. Save money

The investigations of the IRS can intimidate taxpayers. This can lead to procrastination and the tax payer’s failure address the tax liability. IRS tax audit legal experts understand the best way to deal with most tax issues is to deal with it immediately.

A nervous taxpayers' failure to respond to an audit notice letter can make the fines and penalties add up quickly. The IRS does not intimidate tax attorneys, however, and they can usually alleviate additional interest and penalties.

5. Protect your rights

Another essential benefit of hiring an IRS tax audit representation is the protection of your rights. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights allows you to get a legal representative to fight your case.

Choose tax audit representation if you want protection of your assets and income during an audit. You never have to worry about the Internal Revenue Service agents infringing your rights with a tax attorney defending you.

Tax attorneys know when the IRS agents are violating your rights and can adopt the best legal strategies to protect you. If the tax auditor becomes overly inquisitive, your legal representation can stop the audit and appeal for better treatment.

6. Avoid errors

The IRS audit triggers different reactions, especially when the commission finds unreported income. Many taxpayers are error-prone when preparing documents for their tax returns.

Cooperating with the Internal Revenue Service is essential as well as providing accurate information supporting your case.

The audit process sometimes requires taxpayers to file new or amended returns, and an inexperienced individual can make mistakes. You seldom have to worry about errors that can affect your audit outcome with the IRS when you retain a tax attorney.

7. Benefits from hiring an experienced tax law attorney

Attorneys that specialize in tax law learn over 1,700 pages of IRS tax code. Many tax attorneys have memorized many of these tax codes due to regular use of them while resolving cases.

They can also deal with different tax dispute and resolution scenarios and will normally prepare you ahead of time. A good tax attorney will go toe-to-toe with revenue agents and auditors for their clients.

8. Increase your chances of a favorable outcome

Many taxpayers are stuck with unfavorable results, high penalty fees and even face criminal charges from IRS auditors through lack of legal representation.

If you hire an attorney, they can often reduce interest and penalties during your case. An attorney can also set up an installment agreement which can provide adequate time to pay off your tax liability while having to make a few minimal adjustments to your lifestyle.

A tax attorney can also negotiate a Currently Not Collectible (CNC) agreement with revenue agents. The CNC is a classified program giving taxpayers a grace period before the payment of tax debt commences.

Why choose Brotman Law for IRS audit representation?

The tax professionals at Brotman Law have an extensive background in civil and criminal tax controversies. They have developed effective strategies for fighting tax cases against the IRS. With close to 10 successful years in the business, we know how to fight the IRS and win.

  • Quality Representation
    Brotman Law is committed to providing quality legal tax services at affordable rates. Our tax professionals have experience handling all IRS procedures, whether they are field, office, correspondence or Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program (TCMP) audits.
  • Document Preparation
    Our firm has many years of experience resolving multiple issues with the IRS. We also know how to prepare all tax documents including those needed for self-employment taxes, small business owners, non-profit or international tax issues.
    Forms are part of the everyday of our business...from Form 1040 Schedule C, Form 1065, Form 8829, Form 8938 and Form 4562. You never have to worry about missing documents or having the right documents prepared when you choose Brotman Law to resolve your tax issues.
  • Protection from Intensive Scrutiny

Your finances are your business. In other words, we understand the need for privacy and the importance in properly handing sensitive information. In other words, we understand that your tax matters are not for general discussion.

While tough IRS questions can pose a great challenge for many taxpayers, the tax attorneys at Brotman Law can handle them. You’ll never have to deal with intensive scrutiny of your documentation or supporting evidence when we represent your case.

A full audit representation service from beginning to end

If you want the best tax attorneys San Diego has to offer, look no further. Brotman Law was built to defend you and your business against IRS disputes, keep you compliant, and save you money.

1. Document Preparation

Brotman Law is a full-service audit representation law firm that supports taxpayers every step of the way. Our firm has tax professionals that help taxpayers identify required documents to present to IRS auditors.

If you have received an audit notice from the IRS, before you respond, call Brotman Law. We can help you identify the proper document for submission to support your case from financial statements, business expenses, and sources of income.

We will also help you identify the bills, receipts, canceled checks, and other necessary documents and evidence that will support your case.

Once you retain our tax professionals, you'll won’t have issues with document preparation as the legal team will identify any tax-related documents. Quick document identification and gathering will also streamline the process for quick resolution with the IRS.

2. Audit Presentation Strategy

Many taxpayers end up paying additional taxes, fines and penalties for lack of a presentation strategy. Brotman Law attorneys will develop a presentation strategy after reviewing the necessary documents, putting together compelling evidence to support your tax audit case.

Our Clients benefit from a strategic, targeted audit plan, as it helps them to take the offensive through the audit process instead of going through it alone.

3. Communications

Communicating with IRS agents can be difficult for many taxpayers as the agents are very analytical, interrogative and intrusive.

Communication is essential though, whether you have a complex or straightforward case. Our attorneys can knowledgeably discuss your tax return, providing only necessary details that support your income streams and tax deductions with their broader knowledge of the law and tax codes.

Adequate communication is critical during negotiations however, but many taxpayers become tongue-tied or adversely, give away too much information. The attorney at Brotman Law have advanced negotiation skills and can confidently get their clients a better deal despite the results of the original tax examination.

4. Representation

The IRS usually works within a certain time frame. When your audit begins it will feel far less stressful if you have the support of a legal tax team when meeting first meeting with agents. The Brotman Law team includes certified public accountants (CPAs) and tax attorneys with license to practice at local, state, and federal levels.

After cross-examination, if the auditor decides that you owe additional taxes and penalities to the government, the tax attorneys at Brotman Law can initiate the appeals process to reduce your debt or set up installment payments to ease your financial the burden.

5. Negotiations

When it comes to getting a better deal with the IRS, count on Brotman Law to protect your interests. The attorneys are trained to know people who work for the IRS and will negotiate using all of their knowledge of tax law to your advantage.

With Brotman Law‘s full tax audit representation, you'll get support and legal guidance from the time you receive notice of the audit and call us to the successful close of your tax dispute case.

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