No matter how complex your tax audit case becomes, you can trust Brotman Law to resolve it with your best interests in mind.

IRS Audit Attorney: Our IRS Audit Lawyer Representation Fees

Most taxpayers have some anxiety about receiving an audit notice from the IRS. Do they consider the possibility of hiring an IRS audit attorney to defend them if and when it happens? Probably, but the thought that “my CPA can handle this,” and the question of attorney fees factor in.

How much will a tax attorney cost? Most charge reasonable fees and take great satisfaction in defending clients during an audit representation with the IRS. There is also the added bonus of attorney-client privilege, which a CPA does not have.

Taxpayers should seek help from a legal representative with a track record of success defending businesses and individuals in and out of tax court. Did you get an unfavorable decision from the Internal Revenue Service and are seeking legal representation? Let’s discuss legal fees to improve your understanding and lessen your reservations.

Why you can trust in our IRS audit attorney services

At Brotman Law, our long record of success as IRS audit attorneys who defend business owners and individuals have earned us public trust. We have a personable and down-to-earth team who handle complex and time-consuming audit situations with experience and expertise. We can make your audit issues go away with our tax audit preparation efforts and strategies that will yield positive results for you.

Trusting our law firm with IRS examinations and tax issues is a good direction to take. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Experience

With a long track record of successfully defending business owners and individuals in Internal Revenue Service audits, our firm can solve your tax case.

The tax attorneys at Brotman Law communicate in a direct manner and are easy to work with. They have honed their technical skills to quickly resolve simple audits and tax liability. Our legal team also deals with tax issues at the highest levels of the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Tax Court.

2. Knowledge of the law

Brotman Law tax attorneys have extensive knowledge of the IRS and will adopt different strategies to help your case.

Their understanding of local, state, and federal tax law is very useful during an audit defense. If you’re in pursuit of justice in a tax-related IRS issue, you can trust our professionals to advise you with their legal training, tax code understanding and the most current tax law knowledge.

3. Professionalism

Going up against the IRS alone is usually not the best option. Nor is relying on your CPA. The professionals at Brotman Law can effectively communicate your case to the IRS for you. For example, many taxpayers do not know about installment agreements, offer in compromise, or how to negotiate a partial settlement.

The attorneys at Brotman Law can negotiate on your behalf. They explore matters to simplify agreement terms and can minimize the required period for installment payments, should you qualify.

4. Safeguarding client interests

The Internal Revenue Service frequently adopts different methods to collect monies owed in tax liability cases. One example is a bank account levy. This allows them to withdraw money directly from your account.

Although the IRS will send you a notice before taking such action, the legal professionals at Brotman Law will explain all possible scenarios and offer the best advice before this is ever allowed to occur.

5. Reducing interest and penalties

One of the biggest issues that many clients face is not just the tax liability itself, but the large amount of interest and penalties that have accrued.

Brotman Law attorneys have years of legal know-how in reducing tax interests and penalties. If a client still owes the IRS after adopting the best strategies during negotiations, the legal team can continue to negotiate the issue with the IRS to work out a solution.

6. Protecting your credit score

While the IRS does not report tax debts to credit bureaus, IRS agent actions can affect your credit score. For example, if you owe the IRS tax debts, the commission can file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, making your debt a public record.

This action will make your debt a public matter, hurting your credit report and score. If you retain the services of an IRS tax debt attorney at Brotman Law, you can safely avoid this situation.

They will negotiate the release of the lien and protect your credit score. Dealing with the IRS audit process can be confusing and stressful, and one of our experienced tax attorneys can help keep your affairs in order.

Don’t wait too long to consult with an experienced IRS audit lawyer

If you are looking to attain the best results for your tax audit, consulting with a qualified IRS audit lawyer is an intelligent decision. A tax attorney can properly advise you before the audit so you’ll better understand the auditing process and take care of your tax document preparations.

Unlike a CPA, the legal professionals at Brotman Law can represent your case and keep your information confidential, having attorney-client privilege. This is especially important if you need defense for tax fraud and tax evasion charges.

Our IRS audit representation fees

How much does a tax attorney cost when you work with Brotman Law? Fees for Brotman Law hinge on why the commission selected the tax return for an audit to begin with. The complexity surrounding the tax return and the very nature of the case plays a significant role in the attorney services price.

While there are various reasons the IRS can audit your return, below are a few questions that demand an answer:

·         What is the nature of the return?

·         How was the return prepared?

·         Who is the auditor?

While most auditors are straightforward, some are very intense, especially if you have a complex case. The attorney price increases, for instance, if your case requires a complex examination that could yield criminal investigative referrals.

If you have a complicated field audit case, damage control strategies can increase the cost. If your case is relatively simple and we can quickly gather all the necessary documents and testimonials, we charge lower fees.

Brotman Law operates on the efficiency principle for solving tax problems, always looking out for our clients’ best interests. Contact Brotman Law if you need a tax attorney that can deliver value and ensure the best possible results.

The average cost of a tax attorney for IRS audit defense

Are you looking to fight and win an audit appeal with the best legal representation? Most tax attorneys charge fees based on the difficulty of each case. On average, a Brotman Law tax audit representation costs between $3,500 and $10,000 per tax year for most audit defenses against the IRS.

While the price may seem like a big spread, there are often unforeseen circumstances that can occur during the audit process. Furthermore, complex issues on tax returns will cost more to resolve with the Internal Revenue Service because of the strategies involved.

If you have well-prepared and organized documents for the audit defense, the tax audit representation cost may be lower. There are various ways taxpayers can help their situation and contribute to the casework for a quicker resolution.

Our tax audit attorneys are standing by

Now you should have a better understanding about the cost of Brotman Law audit representation fees and the cost of an IRS audit defense. That letter or notice you received from the IRS should no longer give you so much apprehension.

No matter how complex your tax audit case becomes, you can trust the professionals at Brotman Law to resolve it with your best interests in mind.

Brotman Law also offers legal advice about how to prepare your documentation. We can prepare a defense for any tax audit and can implement the best strategies for successful results.

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Questions to ask any tax audit lawyer

Before choosing a tax attorney to represent your case with the IRS, consider asking essential questions. These questions will help you determine if the lawyer is the right person for you. Asking the right questions will aid your decision on choosing the right legal representative.

Consider selecting someone that directly communicates with you and provides necessary answers. An ideal tax audit attorney will communicate your legal rights and keep you informed about the process you will encounter during your case. 

While there are a couple of questions you should always ask, we'll discuss a few beyond the basic to prepare your interview.

Where are you licensed to practice?

After contacting a tax attorney about your case against the IRS, ask about their practicing license. If a they do not have a license to practice in a state, federal, or U.S. Tax Court, find someone who does. Most taxpayers who have issues with the IRS also have state tax problems, so knowing your attorney’s license credentials is essential.

What kind of tax work do you handle?

Hiring a legal professional who specializes in cases similar to yours is essential. For example, hiring a legal professional for IRS tax audit representation who actually specializes in tax planning for real estate will not be the ideal solution if you are going through an IRS audit.

How will you keep me informed?

Most taxpayers who have issues with the IRS are usually anxious for updates. An experienced tax attorney should explain everything surrounding your case thoroughly and discuss how to contact you. Get to know their communication methods and consider choosing one that suits you best.

Why do you practice tax law?

Ask the lawyer why they practice tax law. While tax attorneys can provide different answers to this question, you get to know their personality and motivation. After considering the response from the tax professional, you can decide if working with them will help your case.

What are your credentials, and are you admitted to the state bar?

Ask a potential lawyer or tax attorney for proof of their credentials before hiring one to fight your case. An experienced tax attorney or certified public accountant (CPA) should have a degree and a license to practice law in your state bar. Spend time online reading reviews about the firm and checking for their registration with the Tax Law Association and National Association of Tax Professionals.

Do I still have to pay legal fees if I lose?

While many tax lawyers bill taxpayers hourly, some work on a contingency fee after addressing your tax concerns and questions with the IRS. Suppose the professional works with a contingency arrangement. Then the tax attorney receives compensation from your settlement arrangement. If the professional does not accept payment based on a contingency arrangement, you make payment hourly or agree to a fixed price.

What are the state and locality requirements where I am required to file?

While localities and state tax rules differ, federal income tax rules do not change from one state to another. The filing requirements for your state may vary from other states, and your tax attorney should know it.

Taxpayers need unique guidance whether you have an individual or business tax problem. Hire an attorney with adequate local, state, and federal file requirement knowledge for a quick resolution.

What documentation do you need from me?

IRS audits do not require the entire contents of your home or business office to resolve issues, and a reputable attorney knows it. Ask the potential tax attorney this question to get an insight into IRS audit knowledge.

An experienced lawyer should provide you with 1098, 1099, W-2 forms and other forms of expenses and income verification. Your tax attorney should explain any special forms, circumstances, schedules and indicate which are necessary for your case.

How many tax audits have you handled?

This question gives you a deep insight into the attorney's experience and success rate. Visit their website for verifications and contact a few clients to verify their claims. The number of cases a tax attorney has handled in the past will help you determine who's best for your case. A tax attorney with a few similar cases may not be the best professional for your case, especially if you have issues requiring special attention. 

Have you worked with auditors at local IRS agency locations?

This question helps you understand the tax attorney's familiarity with the Internal Revenue Service agents and auditors' procedures.

A professional with experience working with auditors at local Internal Revenue Service agency locations can ensure quicker resolutions. Working with auditors at IRS agency locations also increases their knowledge of audit procedures.

Have you handled correspondence audits as well as in-person audits?

Correspondence audits are the most basic type of IRS audit, and having a lawyer without this experience handle your case is not in your best interest. The experienced tax attorney should have familiarity with an office audit and visiting the IRS office to resolve issues.

Hire a legal professional with a solid familiarity in managing various tax auditing processes with the Internal Revenue Service agents. Your tax attorney should be able to resolve technical tax issues involved with both office (in-person) and field audits.

Can you represent me at every stage of the tax audit?

This questions is for every taxpayer as the case with the IRS can take different turns. Having a tax attorney that is not willing to fight your case to the end will do you no good, especially if an appeal is necessary for tax court.

What should I do after receiving a notice of tax audit?

Asking a potential tax attorney what to do after receiving a tax audit notice from the IRS can give you an insight into their knowledge. An experienced tax attorney knows the tax codes, laws, and audit strategies. They should be able to list IRS audit red flags so you should test their knowledge with this question.

Remember that the IRS website is available to every taxpayer and offers information about how to prepare and respond to a tax audit letter. Crosscheck the lawyer's response to help you decide if the tax professional is the best for you.

What kind of information do you need to answer the IRS questions?

The IRS agent questions can be intensive and challenging for unprepared taxpayers.

Ask a potential tax attorney for the necessary information to answer the revenue agent questions. Their answers should reveal their interest and experience handling a case like yours.

Do I need to give the IRS field agent specific information?

Whenever the IRS sends taxpayers an audit letter, they require information to verify details on their return for accuracy. Ask your tax attorney if you need to give them field-agent-specific information.

An experienced tax attorney should have built relationships with many agents. They should also be able to swiftly provide answers to most of your questions.

Contact an expert tax audit defense lawyer

An IRS tax audit is challenging for many taxpayers who struggle with the real threat to their finances. While most people can go through an audit without retaining a tax attorney, there's no reason to fight alone — in fact it’s not recommended.

Hire a law firm with a wide breadth of tax audit experience and works with the IRS on a daily basis. The tax attorneys at Brotman Law have successfully handled all types of tax audit cases with the IRS.


Do I need a tax attorney for an IRS audit?

You need a tax attorney if you’d like a quicker resolution to your IRS audit which can be time-consuming, challenging, and intensive. An IRS audit letter alarms most taxpayers, but retaining a tax attorney will provide a well-prepared response with documentation supporting your case.

How can I find an IRS attorney near me?

While based in California, Brotman Law offers IRS audit help to clients nationwide with representation for both IRS audit and collection cases. Googling “lawyer,“ “tax audit help” or asking a trusted CPA could also provide you with the names of competent tax attorneys – just remember to vet them before signing a retainer.



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