Generally, What Is the Firm's Strategy in Criminal Cases?

Generally What's the Firm Strategy in Criminal Cases? So strategy is the key word in that sentence we are very strategic and very deliberate with how we handle criminal tax cases we have the advantage as a firm having a very broad knowledge of tax and in a very broad knowledge of how criminal tax cases get developed and prosecuted so when we go into a situation obviously it's very fact-specific but we're looking at avenues constantly to defer criminal charges at every opportunity we want to steer the case from being a criminal matter to going back to being a civil matter or being eliminated entirely so we take a very protective approach were building up defenses we're working to insulate the client from any particular liability and then we're also going on offense the best defense sometimes is a good offense so we don't necessarily want to litigate the entire case in the investigation of stage and share facts that the criminal unit may not have been aware of but we also want to throw up roadblocks to get in their investigation to deflate things that they may think to challenge things that they're building the case on to sabotage the evidence that they have to convince them that our guy isn't the guy that they should be going after that they need to target somebody else or at the very least just leave us alone so there's constant deliberation in all this process and I'm working to prevent the best strategy possible in any criminal investigation.


Sam Brotman, JD, LLM, MBA

Owner and Director of Legal
Brotman Law