What Are My Chances of Being Audited by the IRS?

What Are My Chances of Being Audited by the IRS? So understand that the IRS has very few resources to audit taxpayers taxpayer audits are something that's fairly time-consuming I mean if you think about what most people think about when they think about an otter they have to send somebody out that person has to look through your books and records they have to make a determination and there's an investment of time that goes along with it most IRS offices are not particularly well staffed particularly with field auditors which is what most people equate IRS audits? To so you have to understand that the IRS doesn't have a whole lot to go after people so again they pick and choose what they have based on the resources that they have available the type of audit that has been issued is a good indicator of what the seriousness of the audit is.

So for example if you make a mistake on your tax returns you will likely receive correspondence by mail which is called the correspondence or if you make a small mistake or have a small or have a small discrepancy that the IRS wants to investigate you get called in for what's called an office all you go to the IRS you meet with somebody they were to use something on a very spot basis and then you go from there that takes less resources because they're not sending people out in the field they're not driving around you're coming to that so it's kind of like a buff at from the last type of audit is what we call us a field on field audit is when they go to your house when they go to your business? when they do an investigation? so those audits are less competent but if you're selected for one then you have to be a little bit concerned when it comes to that so between the different levels of contact either getting a letter by mail going to the IRS is office or having them come out and investigate your circumstance those are give you those will give you an idea of how concerned they should.


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