What Is Brotman Law's Strategy in a Sales Tax Audit?

What is Brotman law Strategy in Dealing with a seed ETF a sales tax on it? Sales tax audits are notoriously tricky they consume a lot of resources both in time and energy and money so the goal with us and with our clients is to get out of the process as quickly as possible for the least amount of damage when we look at a CDT fa audit we're looking at the cost-benefit of the situation what's the cost the client what's the benefit of a certain action and how best can we get out of the audit with minimizing our expenditure and being as efficient as possible with our resources one of the best ways that we do this is prior to creating the audit plan will try and pre audit.

The client pre auditing the client is very important because it gives us a roadmap for how the sales tax audits going to go and what the areas of risk are for the client once we've had? The benefit of pre auditing the client we can develop a plan for the audit with the auditor we can navigate the client through the least amount of risk possible with our agreed-upon plan this is the best way to approach a sales tax audit in the meantime while we're going through the audit process an eye needs to be kept on the appeals process in case the audit goes south disagreements with the auditor can and do happen quite frequently even the best well-made plan sometimes will fall apart therefore it's important for our firm to stuff. The record as much as possible with things that are going to be beneficial to the client to the extent that we have degree to the extent we have control over the preliminary audit report that gives us a better Avenue going into Appeals in advancing the ultimate resolution in the case ideally we want to try and avoid. The appeals process if possible or use it as a means to get the liability down further, after a successful audit but depending on the auditor depending on the methods of testing used and depending on the size of the fight that we have to engage in sometimes that's not always possible, however whenever possible we try to minimize expenditure conserve resources and fight for the best outcome for the client.


Sam Brotman, JD, LLM, MBA

Owner and Director of Legal
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