What Is the Best Way to Communicate With the Firm?

So we have two methods of communication at the firm: we have email and we have phone calls. We don't have text messages and the reason we don't have text messages is because text messages are very hard to track internally and we like for all of our calls and all of our emails to come in and be documented so that they go into your file. If for some reason I'm out of the office one day, our senior attorney can pick up the file, can read through the notes and the history of communications, and be in lockstep with me and the decisions that I would make on the course of your matter. So the best way to handle communications from our firm is by segregating what the best type of communication is for longer explanatory things and things that are better reduced to writing, we prefer email. It helps get thoughts in order and we can more easily move emails under the file, although emails take a lot of time to compose sometimes so we tend to shy away from those.

The best method of communicating is usually by phone. We like to set phone conferences just because things get a little crazy around here during the course of the day with a lot of the activity that happens. Our practice is fairly fast-paced because there's a lot of negotiating and there's a lot of movement on a lot of the cases and that movement happens a variety of time so usually we will set phone conferences, will be efficient about those phone conferences and then we'll move through the issues quickly and then we'll send you a confirming email to document the phone conference or at least what the next steps are. We find that the most efficient way of communicating with us is you can always send us emails. We're very responsive to emails - you can try us on the phone. If we're not available, we won't pick up. If we are available, we will pick up but we have a very firm policy of not billing for BS so we bill for substantive time worked on matters. We don't bill for administrative tasks, so I don't like clients to ever feel that when they call the firm or when they email the firm they're going to get charged for it. If you put us to work, you're going to get charged for it. If you don't put us to work, then we're not going to charge you for it. We'll answer spot questions, we'll answer routine things if they don't require a whole bunch of extra effort. We're happy to do that. It's part of the service that we provide as a law firm for our clients. We want to encourage client interaction, we want to be fair, we want to be respectful of our time, but we also want to provide as much value as possible and encourage as much interaction in the attorney-client process as we possibly can.


Sam Brotman, JD, LLM, MBA

Owner and Director of Legal
Brotman Law