Who Will Be Working on My Matter at Brotman Law?

So at Brotman Law we have a couple of different tiers of people and the tiers are not driven by the value of the people. They're just driven by the cost structure for how much those people bill, so as a lower tier we have paralegals and we have administrative support staff. Most of our paralegals bill anywhere between $150 and $225 an hour based on their level of experience. Above that, we have a category for mid-level associate attorneys that can range anywhere from $250 an hour all the way up to $400 an hour. Then we have a senior attorney class that kind of overlaps with that and ranges anywhere from $350 to $525 and I'm at the very high end of that range in terms of our billing. So there's nobody who has a billing rate that's higher than mine in the firm and the way that we divvy up work and who's gonna work on matters is largely a factor of who is the lowest cost person that can most competently do the task and we look at competency not only from a "can they do the tasks" but also "who's most efficient to do the tasks." So for example, there are tasks that our senior paralegal can do because she's so good, but there are times that I will allocate something to our senior attorney because he can do it a lot faster or in cases of our junior attorneys and our senior attorneys, occasionally our senior attorneys will step in to senior projects because they can do them a lot quicker than the junior people. We try and maximize efficiency around here because it makes clients happier and we try and have a spread of people working on matters because a lot of tax matters are collaborative efforts so depending on your particular situation, you may work with more junior people, you may work with more senior people, but I can promise you that no matter who you're working with, there's always vision, there's always transparency and there's very active communication on all of our matters to make sure that they're running smoothly for our clients.


Sam Brotman, JD, LLM, MBA

Owner and Director of Legal
Brotman Law